Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Unusual Room Designs

Many times people hesitate before buying ICT and AV products thinking about small spaces and unusual room designs which, let's just say, hinder the possibility of their easy installation. Do not be afraid if you are in the same situation. At Genee, all initial complexities regarding installation are first identified as a result of the site survey questionnaire and on site surveys. Only after the approval from the necessary authorities, we go forward with the required skills available with GTIPL undertake on time and materials basis to overcome these issues.

In the event where installation is difficult and will require support structures, details of the requirements will be communicated within 24 hours to the relevant personnel via the project manager.

Examples of how GTIPL has overcome unusual room designs in the past include:
  • Installation of whiteboards on curved walls.
  • Custom built central pillars for whiteboard mounting.
  • Custom built projector-mounting points on sloped ceilings.
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