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Support Request Ticket Submission FAQ

Solution Welcome Dear Customer,
This FAQ is useful to answer some of the common queries you may have regarding Ticket submission for after sales customer support.

Customer Support Request Ticket Submission FAQ

Q1.What should I do to resolve my technical issue with the product usage? Can I approach Customer Support directly?
A1. Yes you can approach Customer support directly via Support Help Desk from our website by submitting a support request regarding your technical issues. This is also advised you to refer the Technical FAQ, Product Literature and other useful information available on the Genee-India website related to the product to trouble shoot the problem yourself if possible.

Q2.How can I submit a request about specific product support?
A2. You need to provide product details like product name, serial number or invoice number, purchase date, operating system and select appropriate request type from the 'category' drop down field to report your product problem/support request.

Q3.How can I view my ticket update and do follow up?
A3.You will receive a Ticket Id on submission of your request. You need to use this ticket id to view your ticket details from the Support Help Desk page. You can reply on this response or send the follow up reminder reply.

Q4.Can I view status of all my tickets together?
A4.No, you cannot see status of all tickets submitted by you together. In general one can see only a ticket status/detail at a time by providing ticket id.

Q5. Is there any guideline to use this application?
A5.There is no need of any specific guideline about the usage of this help desk. However there is need to put the request appropriately with sufficient product information, customer contacts information and any proper required support description. If would help if instances/scenarios steps are added to understand and reproduce the problem at our end for better solution/support.

Q6.How do I know who is working on my ticket?
A6.You can check from the reply on your ticket, who has responded to you.

Q7. How Genee India will take the responsibility of request ticket to serve the need of my request ticket?
A7. Genee India has dedicated staff for the Customer Support. We will act upon your request based on request severity and availability of the staff at the earliest. We also acknowledge the warranty support period and expect the product to be registered to avail the warranty benefits.

Q8. What kind of request can be made for different products?
A8. Each Department and their request areas are categorised as:
Genee Hardware Support
Genee Software Support
Genee Educational Content Support
Genee Products Accessories
Other Brands Hardware Support
Other Brands Software Support
Product Training Support
General Query

Thank you for visiting this FAQ. Your suggestions to improve Support Helpdesk or update this FAQ are most welcome.

With best regards,
Genee India Customer Support Team

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