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Genee Spark - Interactive Display Software

Genee Spark is an extremely powerful and versatile interactive screen software. Designed to work on both Interactive Whiteboards and Interactive Displays it provides a presenter or teacher with an infinite canvas area and powerful presentation tools. To help you get the most out of Genee Spark we have produced several short instructional videos.

Usage Modes

Spark Interactive Display software allows you to work in four different application modes. In this video I will show you the how to change the Usage mode within Spark and identify the key differences of each mode.

Video Transcript

1 Windows Mode

The default mode for Spark is ‘Windows Mode’. As you can see it is designed to be similar to the operating mode of WINDOWS. In this mode the main interface is made up of the menu bar, toolbar and writing area.

2 Frame Mode

The second Usage mode is the "Frame Mode" which is commonly used for teaching and presenting. To switch to frame mode click on "view" on the menu bar and then select "Frame Mode".

As you can see common tools are now placed at the borders of the main interface to allow you quick and easy access.

In Frame Mode the main interface is divided into a number of parts. There is a main toolbar, slide toolbar, pen bar, menu bar, default bar, writing area and Panes.

As you can see the main toolbar is a floating toolbar so you can move it to anywhere on the writing area. You can also click on the tool bar to minimize it and then expand it again. You can change the toolbar by clicking on the icons to move from the start tools to slide tab, insert tab, pen box tab and subject tools tab.

In the left and right hand corners on the frame mode there are two direction buttons. By clicking on these it switches the slide toolbar and the pen toolbar. This is particularly useful when teaching and presenting with Spark on large interactive displays.

3 Full-Screen Mode

The next mode is the Full-screen Mode which is designed to maximise the writing area. This is useful for displaying teaching content on the entire screen when giving lessons in the classroom or presenting to a large audience. To select Full Screen Mode Choose "File" in the menu bar at the bottom of Frame Mode and click "Full-screen Mode" in the drop-down menu.

This Mode consists of a property browser, writing area and the floating toolbar.

4 Desktop Mode

The Windows Mode, Frame Mode and Full Screen Mode are three different operating modes. During teaching or presenting you may switch any of these operating modes to the desktop mode. In the Desktop mode, Spark then runs over the top of any other application allowing you to operate any applications programs in Windows using the mouse

To switch to the desktop mode click on the switch icon on the toolbar. When you do this the Spark floating toolbar appears in the desktop interface of the operating system. You can also click the same icon to switch the mode back to the Spark canvas.

You can switch from the writing mode to mouse mode by clicking the mouse icon and then use the mouse to activate any other application as you would normally.

Using the Pen or brush tool you can write and annotate over the current desktop or any other application that you have running. In teaching this is great for annotating and highlighting over the top of Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations.

When you have finished your annotations if you click the toggle icon again then a dialogue box appears asking if you want to safe current annotations or not. You can click yes to add a new screen slide and save all the reserve all the annotations. This creates a new desktop slide with your annotations on it.

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