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Leaders in Learning Technology

Genee Spark - Interactive Display Software

Genee Spark is an extremely powerful and versatile interactive screen software. Designed to work on both Interactive Whiteboards and Interactive Displays it provides a presenter or teacher with an infinite canvas area and powerful presentation tools. To help you get the most out of Genee Spark we have produced several short instructional videos.

Slide Toolbar and Functions

Genee Worlds Spark software allows users to create numerous of slides in one signal file. User may use the slide toolbar to mange or edit slides. It covers New, Delete, Clean Slide, Modify and Delete Slide Background Colour and Slide Background Images, Slide Turning, Zoom Out, Zoom in, Navigation, Replay, Birds eye view and other common operations.

Video Transcript

Frequently used functions on slide operation are provided in the slide tab which covers New, Delete, Clean Slide, Modify and Delete Slide Background Colour, Slide Background Images, Slide Turning, Zoom In and Out, Navigation, Replay, Birds’ eye view and other common operations.

Screen annotation allows users to write and embed annotation in any third party software. For example you can operate windows media player or make a note on the desktop.

If you write annotation for Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files in the status of "screen annotation" the "Office Mode Toolbar" pops up in the slide. Use the buttons to turn the pages of the PowerPoint file and create corresponding screen annotation slide. The content of annotation is embedded in the office file when clicking the Annotation Embedding Button. While ending the playing it will ask if you want to embed all the annotations into the PowerPoint file. After clicking "Yes" you will find that those just embedded contents shows up in the original PowerPoint file. You can find that it creates corresponding screen annotation slide when you turn pages of the PPT.

The "New Slide" button provides new screen slide, white slide, blue slide or black slide for you.

Delete the current slide by clicking the "Delete Slide" button.

By clicking the "Erase Slide" button, you may erase the whole content in the slide. You may return to the previous slide or step to the next one by clicking page up, page down buttons.

For multi touch models you may use 2 or more fingers to move the slide or click on the "move" button to move the slide. The slide is an unlimited canvas size. When the contents of the current slide are out the range of the slide display you can click the "Airview" button to display the whole contents of the current slide.

When you create a new slide all the actions on the slide are recorded. It will reply the slide by clicking the "Slide Playback" button. You may zoom in the slide by dragging a region or zoom out the slide by simply one click.

Let’s try to set the background colour of current slide. You may set the background with basic colours or define custom colours.

The dialogue box is opened when you click the "background image" button which helps you to choose the correct background. Delete the background image by clicking on the "Delete Background" button.

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