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Leaders in Learning Technology

Genee Spark - Interactive Display Software

Genee Spark is an extremely powerful and versatile interactive screen software. Designed to work on both Interactive Whiteboards and Interactive Displays it provides a presenter or teacher with an infinite canvas area and powerful presentation tools. To help you get the most out of Genee Spark we have produced several short instructional videos.

Select / Adjust Objects

In software operation, if you want to operate on any object, you should select that object at first. When four functional buttons appear at the four corners of the selected object, it means the object has been selected. Users may start to edit properties of the object after selecting the object.

After selecting the object(s), users can move, rotate, zoom or edit properties.

Video Transcript

In software operation, if you want to operate on any object, you should first select that object. The way to select an object is to click the select button in the floating toolbar. When selected, four functional buttons appear at the four corners of the object. You can also select more than one object by dragging the cursor in a region. Now you can see both objects on the screen are selected and you can process them at the same time. For certain objects such as the triangle you can use these movable points to change the shape of the object.

Each stroke or item is an independent object. For example when you write the letter "A", it includes 2 strokes. You need to select them as a group to change the property of the whole letter.

When you select the object and click the move button, you may drag the object to any location on the slide. When you select the object and click the zoom button you may enlarge or reduce the size of the object by dragging. When you select the object and click on the rotate button you may rotate the object by dragging. When you click the "Edit" button the "Edit" menu appears. you can use these commands to maintain the object. You may choose to cut, copy, paste or delete the current object. After choosing the "cut" option, a dialogue box appears and you can see the 2 options of "paste" and "clear clipboard". You may choose the "paste" icon and click anywhere on the writing area to create a new object or click the "clear clipboard" to stop copying. As mentioned you may combine multiple objects in the slide as a whole. For example when you select several objects at the same time and choose the option of "group" in the drop down menu. These grouped objects can be regarded as a complete object to be operated. If you want to restore to the status of being uncombined, please click the option of "ungroup".

You may lock the current object to avoid it being moved to other places. The way to lock an object is to click the current selected object and choose lock in the drop down menu of the Edit button. The locked object can now not be moved, rotated or zoomed anymore. If you want to restore to the unlocked state then please choose the option "Unlock".

You can set the visibility of any object by choosing "select visibility" in the drop down menu. This enables you to hide and then show any object.

There are two ways to clone the object in the slide, clone and drag cloning. If you choose "set clone drag" you can now select and drag the original object on the slide. Then the cloned object is generated at the location of current object. Unlimited dragging clone can be made of the original object. You may end the current operation by cancelling the drag cloning.

You may change the order to bring the object to the front or send it to the back.

You can turn over the image by selecting "flip" from the edit menu. You can choose to flip vertical or flip horizontal.

The mirror option allows you mirror the object, left, right, up, down.

Any change to an object is automatically recorded. You can click on the "Edit" button and select "playback" to playback all the actions. A dialogue box will appear and you may choose to stop or pause the playback. You can also click loop playback to repeat all of the actions

You can click "Display property browser" to change the properties of the object. For some certain objects you can click edit to modify it. If the object you select is media, audio or image item then you may click show toolbar and it will pop up to be set.

The default centre for the rotation of the object is the centre of the object. You can change this by choosing "display rotation centre" and then drag to move it.

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