Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology

Genee Spark - Interactive Display Software

Genee Spark is an extremely powerful and versatile interactive screen software. Designed to work on both Interactive Whiteboards and Interactive Displays it provides a presenter or teacher with an infinite canvas area and powerful presentation tools. To help you get the most out of Genee Spark we have produced several short instructional videos.

Chemistry Toolbar and Functions

The Chemistry toolbar provides chemical symbols, Periodic Table, atomic structure diagram, chemical equipment, chemical containers and other tools related to chemistry to facilitate your teaching.

Video Transcript

Genee Share aids in teaching and presentation of chemistry by providing providing easy access to various functions, the Chemistry toolbar provides chemical symbols, schematic diagram of atomic structure, chemical equipment, chemical container and other tools related to chemistry.

The default chemical equation pops up when you click the chemical equation button and anywhere of the slide. Meanwhile the dialogue box of "set chemical equation" pops up. You may input the chemical equation in the formula bar or select special symbols in the insert Special Symbol Bar to indicate the state of article in the equation. The chemistry symbol toolbar also provides tools such as two-lane bridge, Benzene Ring. After inserting these symbols you can open the property browser to edit it. The number of atom’s outer electron layers and the number of electrons in each layer can be displayed according to the number of protons in the nucleus by this tool.

The chemical experiment instrument supplied in the chemical toolbar are provided in objective format. You may set or modify the experimental object according to your needs to reach the goal of the virtual experiment.

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