Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Software Installation

The moment you order an ICT or AV solution product from Genee Technologies India, you are first of all assured of a quality, timely and personalized service.

During the installation process, Genee Service engineer will load an Interactive Learning Software on one PC or laptop. This will enable the user/buyer to avail the Interactive Whiteboard and LCD Projector immediately. All details pertaining to the security and configuration settings of the user's computer are gathered in advance to ensure that only the correct version of the Genee Learning Software is installed/loaded in their PC. If this computer is connected to the customer network, details of security and configuration settings must be available to facilitate a full software load.

Interactive Learning Software allows the board and computer to interact with each other via complimentary site licence. Installation onto other machines on site is the responsibility of the customer. The site licence specifications allow the teaching staff to use the software at home for lesson preparation.

It is important to note here that the software works quite independently from the Interactive Whiteboard. Free lifetime upgrades are available for Interactive Learning Software and will be installed on a rolling basis as and when available.

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