Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Genee for Schools

Imagine your child as he sits in the classroom, scribbling in his notebooks, sneezing every time chalk dust falls into eyes or heavens help if your little one happened to be the naughty little prankster with too much energy who just can't concentrate on the teacher's humdrum drone.

Does it remind you of something?

Yes, it reminds you of your own classroom as it was and has been since ages.

Well No more of that!

Just as Time has moved ahead, so have we. So don't you think it is imperative that your child be given the kind of education infrastructure and personalized technical support that a future leader will require.

Don't worry, Genee has already granted your wish!

At Genee Technologies we strive to build a future that comprises of a smart, talented tech savvy generation.

All of Genee's ICT products are designed and manufactured with a view to seamlessly integrate technology into the very classroom of your child so as to encourage and motivate teachers and pupils to use them in their teaching and learning environment. We have been consistently redefining the education arena by developing new interactive and animated teaching software, classroom management systems and interactive learning software products incorporating the latest and advanced technologies in the most efficacious way possible.

Our vision is to provide classrooms which define 'Future for Learning'.

We believe that 'Learning is Fun' and Genee Technology compliments everything that you do making preparation time quicker so you can focus on more teaching time.

Grafting Technology into education at the very grass root level, that's what we do. Because education is important and 'Your' child deserves the best, we bring smart interactive education at your doorstep. Genee Technologies India is proud to announce that is an authorized developer and distributer of complete NCERT CBSE Educational Content. As per the K12 Educational Content we develop interactive teaching learning software products for students of Class I-XII.

Genee provides Portable, Affordable and Eco-Friendly Hardware and Software solutions using latest technology. Our interactive Educational products include Geneemation, Genee Cube, Cube Share, Genee Explorer, Class Comm, Genee Toolbar, Genee Years OnBoard, Genee Gel and Genee Gold Content. We also offer highly customized Educational ICT and AV solutions, Content Software, Fun-To-Learn Activities and Gaming Technology for the entire K-12 segment pan India.

That Genee Technologies India is a dedicated team of expert software programmers can be seen from the fact that it was awarded the prestigious BETT Award in 2007 for providing innovative ICT solutions in the Education sector.

Take a look at what we do.

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