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Leaders in Learning Technology
Virtual G-Pad
Product Code: Virtual G-Pad
The Virtual G-Pad is a revolutionary Interactive Response System that brings wide scale interaction and flexibility to presentations, briefings, lectures and lessons eliminating the need and hassle of big handsets.

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Virtual G-Pad Audience Response System

The Virtual G Pad is a highly interactive virtual response system. Its software is inclusive of all the best features of our market leading ClassComm products which have operated the Genee Pad, IQ Pad and Pebble handsets. It allows the old outdated handsets to be replaced by an interactive graphic displayed on the screen of any PC, laptop or even handheld platforms (iOS) including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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The Virtual G-Pad is controlled centrally using Class Comm 5 software with an internet connection, so there are no complicated online setup procedures. The Virtual G-Pad app is available for iOS and Android devices. It supports leading web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera via our web portal. It endorses all question types in Class Comm 5 such as true or false, multiple choice, yes or no, sequence, numerics, Likert scale and text. The Virtual G-Pad works in mix mode where some students have physical response handsets and some use the virtual handset application to give their responses.

Virtual G-Pad Audience Response System
Virtual G-Pad Audience Response System

The advantages of this Response system are numerous.

  • The Virtual G-Pad can be used on PC, laptop or handheld device platforms (iOS) like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • There is no need for hardware such as a handset and receiver. Just a computer, laptop or handheld platform (iOS) with internet connection is required.
  • It effectively enables students to give responses to questions asked without being physically present during the entire lessons, lectures or seminar sessions.
  • Cost effective teaching aid as new students in any location can submit responses via internet.
  • It educates students by building online tutorials and assist staff internally.
  • The Virtual G-Pad quickly adds and updates content.
  • The functionality of the G-Pad is very easy to learn because it has a very comprehensive design offering great user friendly ease.
3.5 Ratings
29 Aug 2012

Sakeena Gul Niazi, Jodhpur

I ordered Genee Virtual G Pad Sets to make the teacher – student interaction and student response evaluation more efficacious. And I must say that Genee’s Virtual G Pad has effectively fulfilled my objective. All the teachers more than the students in fact are very happy as these handsets have aided them to assess student performance, compare it with other students and devise methods of bettering their learning successfully.
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