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Leaders in Learning Technology
Product Code: Pebble
Introducing the all new Pebble battery operated Audience Response System- the Pebble is a revolutionary streamlined Virtual Response System that brings interaction and flexibility to presentations, briefings, lectures and lessons. With Pebble, you can connect to multiple participants or audience members instantaneously and receive feedback or responses simultaneously analyzing them.

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Pebble Audience Response System

The Pebble is an classroom student response system which facilitates and promotes learning and instant feedback. Supplied by Genee Technologies India, it has a streamlined design which is easy to grip making it the ideal gadget for early years and special educational needs students. The system has full interoperability and flexibility. It works excellently with the latest version of Genee World's ClassComm 5 - Audience Response Software which allows teachers to create lesson plans quickly and easily, as it is developed in complete compliance with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Ideal personalized learning solution, the Genee Pebble pad is battery operated and is perfectly suited for polling purposes wherein instant and anonymous data gathering and analysis is required. It comes with a battery indicator and the LED indicator lets you know when it is in its responding phase. In a 50 metre communication range 253 participants (1000 when linking 4 receivers) can interact and answer queries or take part in the poll.

Pebble Audience Response System
Pebble Audience Response System

Great for Special Educational Needs Pebble allows for yes/no, true/false, numeric and multiple choice answers. Now, enliven lessons with team competitions and interactive games brought to you by Genee Pebble Pad. The key icon allows a student to lock on to an ID. The set comes with a teacher handset and receiver. The teacher can now easily Map the handset to the receiver handset registration or even lock onto a particular handset id! It works with ClassComm 5 and integrates easily with PowerPoint to create amazing educational presentations lessons.
When you buy a Genee Pebble pad handset, you get a free carry case along with it!

What you get when you order a standard Genee Pebble Response System?

  • 32 student handsets
  • 1 teacher handset
  • 1 carry case
  • 1 receiver
  • Class Comm 5 - Audience Response System Software
  • And enough batteries to get you started!
Technical Requirements
Processor Speed Greater than 600 MHz (Intel/AMD)
Memory 128 MB but recommended 256 or higher
Graphics card Any which supports 16/32 bit colour
CDROM Drive Transfer speed greater than 48x
Monitor Resolution should be 800 x 600, 256 colour but recommended 1024 x 768, 32 bit colour
Technical Information
Frequency range 2400-2483.5MHz
Communication range 50 metres
Group size Max 253 participants with 1 receiver
Answer input YES/NO, TRUE/FALSE, Single Numeric, Multiple Numeric, Multiple Choice, Multiple Mark
Certifications CE and FCC
4 Ratings
12 Oct 2011

Trusha Parekh, Gujarat

As a student counselor, I often have to visit schools and colleges to give lectures, motivate students and give career counseling. Our counseling team has really been benefitted by Geneeā€™s Pebble handsets. They are wonderful products. With instant student feedback and evaluation, we can effectively implement new counseling techniques. Their software is really good too. It keeps everything connected, efficient and dynamic.
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