Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Product Code: iQ-Pad
The New iQ-PAD with ClassComm is a radio frequency wireless classroom response system taking learning into the 21st century. In an interactive classroom environment, the teacher asks a question via his/her handset and then each student in the class replies through personal handsets. Genee’s iQ-PAD is a great learner response system which catches the students' response through the receiver and then generates a report in the form of a table, graph or a pie chart etc. By assessing the reports the teachers can effectively explain again or reemphasize the important concepts of the lesson. These reports can be displayed on an interactive whiteboard, plasma screen, LCD screen or on any projection surface. The teacher can control the way the report should be displayed through his handset (i.e. the main handset). This system is generally used in schools, colleges and universities for quizzes, exams, tests etc.

Since it uses radio frequency technology and assessment software, it is also known as interactive voting system, classroom response system, Personal Response System, audience response system, student response system or interactive learner response system. It is a system through which group participation is promoted during brainstorming sessions, classroom teaching, debate, quiz or any other discussion.

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iQ-Pad | Audience Response Systems

The New iQ-PAD with ClassComm is a radio frequency wireless learner response system making education and educational assessment an exercise in accuracy and comprehensiveness. The New iQ-PAD with ClassComm allows flexibility in formative and summative assessment of an audience or classroom response through a wide variety of question formats such as decimal, YES/NO, TRUE/FALSE with full texting features. You can choose to make answers anonymous or to enable students to see how well they are doing in relation to others.

These Personal Response Systems are used in concurrence with Genee Gold content carrying a huge amount of questions on various subjects from Class I to Class XII. The ClassComm software displays reports using interactive 3D games and charts instantly. The teacher gets instant individual feedback about the topic and can easily assess the students using ClassComm. Use Pre-customised questions or create new ones on the spot during a live teaching session. Answers can then be transferred, collected and analysed for future reference, so the participants have a permanent record of their results and feedback, which can be accessed any time.

iQ-Pad | Audience Response Systems
iQ-Pad | Audience Response Systems

Every iQ-Pad system now comes with a free copy of the all new Class Comm 5, packed with new features including online functionality using Virtual G Pad and all the features of CenS Us. Class Comm software works with PowerPoint so there is no need to learn new software. Use pre prepared PowerPoint slides to save time! It even compiles the reports into an excel spreadsheet so you don't have to waste time compiling the results.

  • 2-way radio frequency network system.
  • USB receiver, USB cable and Teacher remote includes with VerdICT Plus.
  • Feedback display for students.
  • Lessons can be controlled with the teacher remote; it also enables the teacher to view student responses.
  • Allows the input of text and numeric data.
  • A suite of curriculum questions are provided with iQ-Pad.
  • Free carry case


  • Integrate with PowerPoint to create presentations that are tailored according to participant's understanding on different concepts.
  • Reduce time spent on producing,
  • interpreting and collating
  • Questionnaires and surveys.
  • Improve trainee learning
  • Experience through learning
  • Exercises and consensus building.
  • Gauge participant understanding of training concepts and boost productivity.
  • Enliven training sessions with team competitions and interactive games.
  • Use data reporting tools to analyse combined and individual trainee results.
  • Measure learning improvements over time and establish what more is required.
  • Emphasize participant ownership of group decisions.
  • Gather opinions instantly and anonymously
  • Ideal for Polling

With every Genee iQ PAD kit, you are provided with,

  • 32 student handsets
  • 1 teacher handset
  • 1 carry case
  • 1 receiver

Class Comm 5 - audience response system software, enough batteries to get you started and not to forget the facility of your own customized iQ PAD sets, Genee Technologies India gives its valuable customers complete support. So order now!

Supported platform: Windows
Technical Requirements
  • Processor: 133 MHz of higher Pentium Compatible CPU.
  • Memory: 64MB or higher.
  • Graphics Card: VGA or higher resolution.
  • CDROM Drive: 4x or faster.
  • Monitor: VGA or higher resolution monitor set to 1024x768x16 bit colour (true colour).
  • HDD: 20GB HDD
  • Works with 2x AA batteries
  • Communication Range upto 50m.
Views Network Visualization, Expert Alerts, Manager, Report Manager, Status Statistical Detail.
Group Size 253 participants (1000 when linking 4 receivers)
Notification Email (SMTP), Launch Sound, Send event to syslog.
Warranty 3 year warranty.
3.5 Ratings
01 Jun 2013

Elroy Pereira, Goa

Genee’s iQ Pads are a definite blessing for modern day teachers. It has made the whole process of assessing, comparing and indexing a child’s growth on all levels necessary for an all round development very easy. The iQ Pads by Genee Technologies have totally rendered a proactive interactive ambience to our classrooms, they’ve lessened the burden of a teacher as the teachers get instant evaluation results and they can rethink their teaching strategies when children are unable to grasp concepts. All in all im ve4ry satisfied with Genee’s products.
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