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Genee Pad
Product Code: Genee Pad
It works just like a mobile phone, allows for a wide range of answer inputs such as True / False, Open Format, Multiple choice, YES/NO, Single Numeric, Multiple Numeric, Multiple Mark, Texting among others. The Genee Pad is a brand new method of Formative and Summative assessment. With the hand held response system participants can answer questions that are directed to them using Genee software like Genee ClassComm or Genee CenS-Us. Because it compatibly works with PowerPoint, there is absolutely no need to learn new software systems. Anyone can operate it and teachers can work with already prepared slides, saving valuable time.

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Genee Pad | Audience Response Systems

Bring interaction and flexibility to your presentations, briefings or lectures with our evolutionary audience response system in the form of Genee Pad. Genee Pad is Genee India's top of the range audience response system. The wireless handsets which use rechargeable batteries allow each and every participant in any teaching, training, or briefing environment to have the answers instantly recorded and the results analyzed. Ideal for formative and summative assessment, Genee Pad includes 1000's of sample questions, making it the best in the market!

Compatible with Windows XP or higher version, Genee Pad has vast coverage of 253 participants. Certified by CE and FCC, it gives the benefit of Full texting feature making it as easy to use as a mobile phone. The keypad also allows the entry of mathematical symbols making our audience response system amongst the most versatile products available!

Genee Pad | Audience Response Systems
Genee Pad | Audience Response Systems

The Genee Pad comes with a free copy of the brand new Class Comm 5, packed with new features including online functionality using Virtual G Pad and all the features of CenS Us.

Class Comm software works with MS PowerPoint. This effectively eliminates the need to learn new software. Use pre prepared PowerPoint slides to save time! It even compiles the reports into an excel spreadsheet so you don't have to waste time compiling the results.

  • Use on multi-platforms such as Mac, Linux and Windows. (Class Comm MP is required to run on Mac and Linux, which has different features to Class Comm 5)
  • Embed charts directly into Microsoft PowerPoint with enhanced PowerPoint plug-in.
  • Personalised Learning Module.
  • Constant Analysis option allows for feedback during lessons.
  • Text and Drop module allows students to text in responses to questions that can be dragged and dropped onto an image or canvas area.
  • Pace control setting.
  • Interactive gaming technology available.
  • Ad-hoc capability.

When you order a standard Genee Pad Kit, you receive the benefit of:

  • 32 student handsets
  • 2 Chargers (Charge 8 handsets simultaneously, per charger)
  • 1 teacher handset
  • 1 carry case
  • 1 receiver
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Class Comm 5 - audience response system software

This is not all. Because Genee values its client needs so much, we proffer customized Genee Pad Interactive response system sets and software kits according to your specific requisites and demands.

Supported platform Windows 32 and 64 bit systems
Processor -Speed Greater than 600 MHz (Intel/AMD)
Memory 128 MB but recommended 256 or higher
Graphics card Any which supports 16/32 bit colour
CDROM Drive Transfer speed greater than 48x
Monitor - resolution Should be 800 x 600, 256 colour but recommended1024 x 768, 32 bit colour
HDD Min 5 GB
Communication Range 50 meters, 2-way radio frequency network system.
Group Size 253 participants (1000 when linking 4 receivers)
Answer Input Allows the input of text and numeric data.
  • Yes/No
  • True/False
  • Single Numeric
  • Multiple Numeric
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Mark
  • Texting
Warranty 3 Years
Certifications CE and FCC
Other Attractive Features
  • USB receiver, USB cable and Teacher remote includes with ClassComm.
  • Feedback display for students.
  • Lessons can be controlled with the teacher remote; it also enables the teacher to view student responses.
  • A suite of curriculum questions are provided with Genee Pad.
  • Free carry case and rechargeable batteries.
4.5 Ratings
21 Nov 2012

Reecha Sinha, Ranchi

I have been running a primary school for the last 5 years and never before the children have shown such tremendous increase in their performance index. I am very satisfied by Genee Pad student response handsets. The ClassComm software was a great bonus and I can easily say that these have facilitated the teachers and students to chart their growth and better their teaching learning skills.
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