Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Interactive Response Systems Training Modules

At Genee, we take great care in lending customer support in terms of providing onsite training to our valued product buyers.

For your convenience, the training module for interactive audience/student response systems has been sectioned into four segments. Each module is one and a half hours long (1.5 Hrs.) and on a mix and match basis we provide 2 modules training per half day/session. And don't think we've forgotten all about you! We involve you every step of the way. We encourage practical participation from the customer.

Module 1
Using the GeneePad handsets.

Module 2
Setting up your own slides / resources

Module 3
Analysing data & producing reports
Using HTML to link with VLE

Module 4
Linking Visualisers, Response Systems, cameras etc to the IWB

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