Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
  • Benq Projector

    Benq Projector

    Engineered by Experts - Enjoy the Sweet Sound of Silence with BenQ DLPR!
    BenQ has made all around improvisations. From re-designing the colour wheel of their latest projectors for maximum noise...

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  • InFocus projectors

    InFocus projectors

    Projectors are now a commonplace teaching aid in schools and important presentation tools in the corporate world. As electronics and interaction play a bigger part in learning across the country,...

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  • Mitsubishi projectors

    Mitsubishi projectors

    A projector is basically a device that receives a video/image signal and projects the corresponding input on a projector screen or interactive whiteboard using bright light. Today, projectors have...

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  • Projectors accessories

    Projectors accessories

    Genee Technologies India is a premium quality provider of a diverse array of Interactive Communication Technology (ICT) products. It offers all brands of LCD Projector Accessories that perfectly...

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  • Genee Link

    Genee Link

    The Genee Link is an extremely cost effective and flexible solution to your presentation needs. It is a standalone interactive module. With this really useful device you are enabled to turn your...

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  • Genee View DX-25i

    Genee View DX-25i

    The Genee View Short Throw is an interactive multi-surface projector. Genee view turns any flat surface into an interactive surface just like an interactive whiteboard, allowing for maximum...

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