Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
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Genee Vision 6100

Genee Vision 6100 visualiser a digital processing visualiser used as an educational assessments. This digital processing visualiser has outstanding functions it got 330 degree motorized turning head , auto focus ...

Genee Vision 9100

The Genee Vision 9100 Visualiser has the latest in CMOS camera technology featuring great clarity to capture high quality clear images. Images captured directly onto the visualiser can be viewed in a thumbnail window allowing you to scroll through ...

Genee Vision 2100

The genee vision mini visualiser is a powerful presentation equipment to enhance the teaching ideas and educational assessment. This visual aid provides high quality presentation solutions and easy investigation ..

Genee Vision 8100

The Genee Vision 8100 visualiser is powerful visual aids in teaching and training tool to enhance the teaching ideas and educational assessment. These visual aids in ..

Genee Vision 150

The Genee Vision 150 is an entry-level visualiser that can seamlessly integrate with any Interactive Whiteboard to create presentations, digital resources and record demonstrations promptly with the video capture software...


ClassComm is a radio frequency wireless interactive voting system from Genee Solutions India Pvt Ltd bringing revolution in educational assessment. ClassComm empowers ..

Pro Digital Board

Pro Digital+ is a highly sophisticated interactive whiteboard utilizing electromagnetic technology. The Pro Digital+ Board comes with Interactive learning software ...

Genee Power Board

Genee Powerboard is a finger touch whiteboard utilizing infra-red (IR) and gesture technology and combining state-of-the-art hardware with leading edge ...

Pebble Response System

Introducing the all new Pebble battery operated Interactive Response System.
Pebble has a streamlined design which is easy to grip, so is ideal for early years and special educational needs students..

Mitsubishi Projectors

Genee solutions india provide wide range of mitsubishi projectors from standard to premium multimedia projector with amazing features to enhance learning and presentations ..

Genee Scope digital microscope

The Genee Scope is a NEW portable digital microscope for inside, and outside the classroom (with a portable laptop). It has a USB connection so you can magnify, capture and modify your images. This microscope has almost no moving ..

Genee Sense

"A portable solution – Simply attach Genee Sense to an ordinary whiteboard or flat surface ..

Genee AIR flexible document camera

A ceiling-mounted visualiser/camera that captures detailed images for display on a variety of devices. The Genee Air delivers superb image clarity for monitors, plasma screens, video projectors and videoconferencing systems. A wide field of view,..

Genee Flex visualiser

Flexible neck digital visualiser
The newest addition to the Genee range is the flexible neck auto focus digital visualiser, the ideal solution for replacing the old overhead projector. This visualiser features auto focus,..

Genee Touch

Genee Touch is the robust alternative to a whiteboard. The Genee Touch has all the features and working area of a whiteboard, but without the projector glare and running costs, lighting reflection or blinds being closed Using the ..

Genee Slate

The Genee Slate is a graphic tablet which is used to transform presentations and learning sessions into an interactive environment. Our digitizing tablet is perfectly designed to annotate, ..

Click 2 Control

The Genee Click is amazing laser presentation tools to enhance PowerPoint presentations ideas of the presenters. Genee Click forgathers the function ..

Genee Classcreen

The Genee Classcreen is a panel screen with fantastic interactive capabilities to heighten learning and presentations from a lectern, podium or tabletop. Genee Classcreen transforms your computer screen into

Genee Magic Pen

The Genee Magic Pen is a fantastic presentation product with new technology to make any CRT monitor interactive with interface pen..

Genee vision elite

The Genee Vision Elite is a high performance desktop visualiser that is the ideal boardroom and lecture theatre solution with a built in LCD screen that allows you to see ..

Virtual Genee Pad

This virtual interactive response system software has all the features of our market leading ClassComm product, which has operated the Genee Pad, IQ Pad and Pebble handset, without the need for the handsets. It allows the handset to be replaced ..

Genee Link

The Genee Link is a stand-alone interactive module. Once installed, it gives any projector interactive capabilities..

Benq MP515 projector

BenQ Projector's Silent Engineering - Enjoy New Horizons of Silent Operation
BenQ has made improvements all around–from re-designing colour wheel of their latest projectors for maximum noise ..

Genee View Short Throw X-25i

The Ultra short throw X25i is a one-of-a-kind ultra short throw LCD projector. At 60 frames per second, the Genee view short throw X25i is accurate up to 3 pixels, creating a level of clarity unrivalled by all others in the interactive projection ..

Mind Mapping Tool Genee Gel

Genee Gel is a mind mapping software to generate mind maps around key concepts or ideas and relationship among them. Genee Gel Mind mapping tool automatically generate interactive diagrams ..
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