Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
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Genee Vision visualisers

The Genee's prominent Vision Visualiser range is gaining immense popularity and demand in both educational and corporate sector as more and more schools, colleges, universities, training organizations and corporate learning centers are recommending and buying these smart equipments.

Genee Vision 6100
Genee Vision 8100
Genee Vision 2100
Genee Vision 150
Genee Air
Genee Flex
Genee Scope
Genee Vision Elite
Genee Vision 50
Genee Vision 2200
Genee Vision 3100
Genee Vision 9100
Genee Vision Carry Case
Response System

Audience Response Systems make it effortless and cost-effective to provide measurable learning in both the corporate and education environment. Trainers, presenters and educators can rapidly and efficiently collect real-time data from participants and display results, allowing them to immediately assess participant preservation of the information presented. The interactivity achieved through these methods enhances learning and the retention of knowledge.

Genee Pad
Virtual G-Pad
Interactive Whiteboard

Now, learning would be a lot more entertaining with our incredible range of Genee Whiteboard. Our Interactive Whiteboards works as a simple to use virtual solutions for Presenters, Educators, Teachers and Trainers to deliver dynamic and interactive lessons and presentations in classrooms and boardrooms. Loaded with unique and smart features; our digital whiteboards help a lot in delivering content to the target audience in an interactive manner.

Genee Powerboard
Pro Digital Board
Genee Sense

Best of all, short throw projectors are perfectly suited for small conference rooms, tight presentation halls, classrooms, small home theaters, trade show booths and for any environment where ample space remains a big constrain.

Genee Link
Benq Projector
InFocus projectors
Mitsubishi projectors
Projectors accessories
Genee View DX-25i
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