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Leaders in Learning Technology
Pro Digital+ Board
Product Code: Pro Digital Plus Board
Genee PRO Digital+ is a must have tremendous ICT resource that carries the ability to improve the quality and content of presentations, facilitating greater audience participation and enhanced learning. The PRO Digital+ interactive whiteboard is a durable interactive whiteboard with a strong surface which can withstand exhaustive use. You can also use this board as a standard whiteboard. The PRO Digital+ has interactive soft key shortcut buttons and is easy to use even for novice users.

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Pro Digital Pluse Board - Interactive Whiteboard | SmartBoard

Smart and Ideal ICT Solution for Educators, Presenters and Trainers

Pro Digital+ is a highly sophisticated interactive whiteboard utilizing electromagnetic technology. The Pro Digital+ Board comes with Interactive learning software and a built-in gallery of images. Users can easily write, draw and annotate over this digital whiteboard using multimedia pens. Its snapshot, spotlight, hide and reveal features help in producing creative PowerPoint presentations and teaching material.

The Pro Digital+ is a Digital Electronic Whiteboard that connects to a computer and projector creating a large interactive projection screen. All computer functions can be easily transferred from the PC or Laptop to this interactive whiteboard by the user. Each and every function can be controlled either by gestures of finger or through stylus (multimedia pen). Whatever the presenter writes on the screen gets saved in the computer and can be retrieved later for further use. Not only this, the new Genee Pro Digital + seamlessly integrates with Genee Vision Visualisers, writing tablets and audience response systems to annotate over live objects!

Pro Digital Pluse Board - Interactive Whiteboard | SmartBoard
Pro Digital Pluse Board - Interactive Whiteboard | SmartBoard

"Transform your classroom or presentation hall into a high-end interactive learning environment."

The Pro Digital+ Board is a great teaching aid which brings technology and traditional teaching pedagogies together. Text or graphics can be displayed instantly to large or small classes. You can use the PC or whiteboard pens to communicate with your students. All of Genee's whiteboards have durable surfaces and high resolution, so that your drawings and annotations are visible accurately making your classroom responsive. The PRO Digital+ comes with wall mounting parts, 2 wireless pens, USB extended cable and optional stand and an eraser. With a two year warranty, this smart board is a definite Must Have for all educational institutions and training consultancies.

  • Soft Key short cuts!
    The Pro Digital+ has soft keys on either side which can be easily programmed for regular displays used by the teacher.
  • Classroom Tough
    The Pro Digital + Board Board has a durable Formica surface. It allows you to use it as a regular whiteboard, which can be written on using dry marker pens.
  • Shock & Vibration Resistant
    The wire grid is bonded in place so that the grid maintains its precise position even if the board is submitted to shock and vibration.
  • Wireless Pen
    Pro Digital+ comes with a wireless pen which has a 4 band frequency, right button, function button.
  • High Resolution
    Pixel precision technology ensures that all detail is visible on any printed copy.
  • Fast Response
    Electromagnetic technology is linear; decoding the signal is relatively simple. The PCB digitally processes codes at very high speed, so there is absolutely no perceptible lag between the actual writing on the board and the appearance of the corresponding image on the computer monitor.
  • Multiple Users at the Same Time
    Optional two pen upgrade allowing simultaneous use of the screen by two users without the need of dividing the screen into two, i.e., 2 users can easily and effectively work on the screen at same time!
  • Additional Features
    • 2 pens!
    • 20 shortcut keys
    • Available in a range of different sizes at 40", 48", 64" and 78"
    • Easy to use software
    • Compatible with third party software applications
    • Stand available
    • Supports Gesture technology
    • Hard, scratch proof surface
    • USB connection
    • 20 Programmable settings for the customization of your teaching style
    • User-Friendly software
SPECIFICATION 64" 78" 88" 101"
Technology Electromagnetic
Touch system Wireless electromagnetic sensitive pen
Touchable range 1385 x 976mm 1740 *1200mm 1740*1200mm 2130 x 1200mm
Aspect Ratio 4.3 4.3 4.3 4.3
Resolution 13850 x 9760 pixels 17400 x 12000 pixels 17400 x 12000 pixels 21300 x 12000 pixels
Short cut button Two sides (23)
Response time <8ms
Cursor speed 120 dots/sec (254 dots/inch)
Co ordinate Accuracy 0.1mm
Power consumption <2W
Current active area size (Diagonal) 64" (1301 x 976mm) 78" (1600 x 1200mm) 88"(1 740* 12 00mm) 101" (2130 x 1200mm)
Port USB
Packing 1755x1186x120mm 2110 x 1410 x 2060 * 1 360 * 2500 x 1410 x
dimensions   120mm 110mm 120mm
Net weight 22lbs (10kg) 44lbs (20kg) 44lbs (25kg) 44lbs (25kg)
Gross weight 48lbs (22kg) 66lbs (30kg) 66lbs (36kg) 66lbs (37kg)
Operation system Windows 2000/XP/Vista Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Windows 2000/XP/2003 Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Operating Temperature -20ºC – 50ºC
Operating humidity 15%-90%
Storage temperature -20ºC – 55ºC
Storage humidity 15%-90% 15%-90% 10%-95% 15%-90%
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Accessories Wireless pen, wall mounting parts, USB extended cable Optional: stand, eraser
4 Ratings
24 Aug 2012

Anil Sharma, Delhi

Genee Pro Digital Plus Interactive Board is a fantastic product at low price. I have been really very impressed with the product as well as its timely delivery and installation. I needed a board that would facilitate me in terms of making educational presentations, smooth interactivity and great touch operation. Using it with my hi-speed internet connection, I can truly say I get my money’s worth. The quality is very high- another point in favour of the pro digital plus board. The features are many and the two year warranty is a great advantage. All in all it is a good equipment to make your seminars and lectures more interesting because you can be very interactive with the audience while using it. You do not have to use a mouse or other tools to explain your concept. A touch is all that is required. A must buy!
4 Ratings
25 Dec 2011

Sujata Sharma, Dehradun

I bought the Genee Pro Digital Plus and Click 2 Control together some time ago. And I am very pleased with the results. I like it that my whole class has now become so involved and proactive with respect to participation in all learning activities. Children love writing and drawing on the board with their fingers and even using the Genee Stylus. The free software CDs were really helpful to me. When four children draw and write on the board, it invokes a lot of enthusiasm from the class. The quality of the board is really good and impressive. All in all, it is a must have teaching solution.
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