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Leaders in Learning Technology
Genee Sense
Product Code: Genee Sense
Genee Sense is the perfect high tech mobile presentation solution for all travelling businessmen, freelance trainers, educators and presenters. What makes it such an awesome gadget is the fact that is totally portable.

Don’t worry about installing big white flat surfaces and projector screens for your presentations!

With Genee Sense you can deliver presentations on any surface you want and make it magically interactive too. The Genee sense is a Smart, Interactive Digital Whiteboard optimized for both lectures and Presentations. Simply connect it to a computer and a Projector and you are all set to go!

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Genee Sense Portable Interactive Whiteboard

"It's time to turn any ordinary whiteboard or flat surface into the state-of-the-art interactive workplace!"

Genee Sense is the latest in high demand product from Genee Technologies- the leading makers of world class ICT products and software services. Genee Sense is an incredible and aesthetically designed ICT resource which can instantly lend interactive capabilities to any existing whiteboard or flat surface. It is very convenient to store or carry from one classroom/boardroom suite/conference room/training hall to another.

Users can use this wondrous Interactive system in two easy steps. First, they need to mount it on their existing ordinary whiteboard magnetically. Second, they need to connect the PC to any ordinary projector. By doing this, they can easily access everything on their computer from their whiteboard and enjoy its interactive capabilities instantly. Best of all, Genee Sense is smartly optimized for both classroom lectures and corporate presentations.

Genee Sense Portable Interactive Whiteboard
Genee Sense Portable Interactive Whiteboard

A portable solution – Simply attach Genee Sense to an ordinary whiteboard or flat surface

What is so awesome about this portable little user friendly device is that it is a complete budget friendly solution smartly designed for all kinds of schools, colleges, educational institutions and corporate training centres. Right from the schools in the rural areas to those in the metropolitan cities, Genee Sense can effectively fulfill the needs of all those users who can't buy expensive Interactive Whiteboards but still feel the need to infuse latest technologies into their education system and curriculum.

  • Make any whiteboard/flat surface interactive
    The Genee Sense instantly turns a traditional Whiteboard into an Interactive Whiteboard in minutes. Attach it to a traditional whiteboard or flat surface.
  • Magnetic Mounting
    Mount onto the whiteboard magnetically. You can easily move it to different classrooms. Place the Genee Sense (Left/ Right/ Top/ Down) on your ordinary whiteboard.
  • Microsoft Office annotations tools
    Just plug-n-play, user can draw over PowerPoint, MS Words and Excel files directly.
  • Additional Features
    • Flexible writing size
    • Multi-function stylus,
    • Customized function hotkeys,
    • Multi-calibration,
    • All records are saved,
    • 2.4G wireless connection to the computer,
    • Supports 32 & 64 bit: XP, VISTA, Win-7, Linux, Mac
    • Simply Plug-and-play
  • Optional Features
    With the Genee Sense Interactive Portable Whiteboard, you can also buy our optional supportive products like:
    • Optional USB Adapter
    • USB Cable
    • Optional Genee Sense Dongle

It's time to turn any ordinary whiteboard or flat surface into the state-of-the-art interactive workplace!

Model type Infinity
Tracking technology Infrared + Ultrasonic
Resolution 4096 x 4096
Accuracy ±1.5mm
Frequency Ultrasonic: 40 KHz
Infrared: 38 KHz
Response time Per inch over 200 lines
Interface USB 2.0 or 2.4 GHz wireless
Power consumption USB 5V, operating current: 60mA
Sensor dimensions 210 x 39 x 9.8mm
System OS Windows XP / Vista / Win-7 / Linux / Mac
Projection screen size Free size: 21" – 120"
Sensor unit net weight 63g
Certificates FCC, CE & RoHS
Electronic Stylus
Dimensions (mm) 157mm (L) x 18mm (Ø)
Net Weight 28G (excluding battery)
Tracking technology Infrared and ultrasonic
Ultrasonic frequency 40 KHz
Power AAA alkaline battery 1.5V x 1
Transmission speed 60 points per second
Power consumption 20 mA
IR frequency 38 KHz
4.5 Ratings
03 Oct 2012

Devika Kaushal, Delhi

As a corporate trainer, my job requires me to trot all over the world in various settings, giving seminars, lectures and presentations. Keeping the needs of my work in mind I ordered Gene Sense. It is a wonderful product. No matter where I am it helps me instantly turn any surface into an interactive touchscreen. Projectors are available everywhere, so what I do is, I place my Genee sense on any normal whiteboard or screen and it lends interactive capabilities to that ordinary surface. And this separates my work from the seminars/lectures of other people because my presentations then become a pretty interactive affair and I gain more audience input. I’d definitely suggest all trainers and travelling business people to go for this product.
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