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Genee Powerboard
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Interactive Whiteboards are ICT solutions for the educators, presenters, consultants and trainers. Interactive Whiteboard is actually a digital electronic whiteboard that can be easily plugged into a computer creating a large interactive projection screen. All computer functions are then transferred from the computer to the Interactive Whiteboard and controlled either by your finger or through a stylus (Multimedia Pen). Unlike traditional Whiteboards, Genee’s whiteboards automatically save into the computer whatever the Presenter has written on its surface. Our Digital Powerboards have improved the quality and content of a presentation resulting in greater audience participation and enhanced learning.

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Interactive Whiteboard - Interactive Whiteboard | SmartBoard

"Wondrous Fingers Touch Interactive whiteboard using advance Infra-Red (IR) and Gesture Technology"

Genee Powerboard is a finger touch interactive whiteboard utilizing infra-red (IR) and gesture technology and combining world class quality hardware and software to give unique performance in the board rooms, conference suites and classrooms. It is a robust Digital Whiteboard which supports interoperability and integrates seamlessly with other ICT and AV Solutions including Visualisers, Projectors, laptops, Audience Response systems, writing tablets and Computers.

"Present or teach with high
  level of interactivity!"

Genee Powerboard instantly recognizes pen or finger movement to accurately track users anywhere on the screen. When connected to a projector and a PC, this Digital Whiteboard becomes huge projection screen creating a complete virtual learning environment. This electronic board is used in the sphere of teaching, corporate training, classroom and business presentations.

Interactive Whiteboard - Interactive Whiteboard | SmartBoard
Interactive Whiteboard - Interactive Whiteboard | SmartBoard

"Let your fingers do the magic on it."

You can interact with the Genee Powerboard by using the pens provided or even your fingers! Genee Power Board software has lots of tools and vast image library for teachers, presenters and trainers. You can write, erase and save notes in the computer. These are superb and incredible interactive whiteboards for teaching. When these presentation boards are integrated with Genee Vision visualisers, you can do real time annotations on the object!

    This option turns Genee Powerboard into more durable Interactive Whiteboard which is easy to clean without the worry of permanent marking its surface.
    The soft keys enable you to programme short cuts for your presentation - making it one of the most affordable and content rich whiteboards around!
    Simply by touching this incredible Interactive Whiteboard with the dummy pens or even your fingers, users can run all computer functions, such as opening files, accessing animations and pictures, running digital video clips, or downloading free content from online resources; in the front of the audience and that too in a matter of seconds! So, there is no need to return to your computer and lose the students' attention.
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GPB-105 105" Genee Power Board Call Us on +91 (0)124 4934500 for price
GPB-56 56" Genee Power Board Call Us on +91 (0)124 4934500 for price
GPB-88 88" Genee Power Board Call Us on +91 (0)124 4934500 for price
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SPECIFICATIONS 48" 56" 78" 88" 105"
Technology     IR technology    
Touchable range 38" x 28" (962 x 717mm) 46" x 33" (1159 x 831mm) 65" x 46" (1653 x 1159mm) 72" x 52" (1817 x 1323mm) 84" x 46" (2145 x 1159mm)
Resolution 1024 *1024 2048 *2048 4096*4096 4096*4096 4096*4096
Response time     First dot 25ms, continuous dot 8ms    
Cursor speed     120 dot/second    
Co ordinate accuracy     3mm    
Current active area size (Diagonal) 55" x 43" x 8" (1400 x 1100 x 200mm)80" x 60" x 8" (2050 x 1405 x 95mm)80" x 66" x 8" (2214 x 1569 x 95mm)99" x 59" x 7" (2545 x 1405 x 95mm)
Net weight 12Kg 15Kg 22Kg 29-30Kg 42Kg
Gross weight 18kg 22kg 30kg 40kg 42kg
Operation system     Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7    
Operating temperature     20-90%    
Operating humidity     5oF – 122oF (-15oC – 50oC)    
Storage temperature     -40oF – 122oF (-40oC – 50oC)    
Storage humidity     10-95%    
Warranty     2 Years    
Accessories Standard: 3 interactive pens (red, black and blue), eraser, pen tray Optional: floor stand
4 Ratings
23 Aug 2012

Devika Kaushal, New Delhi

The Genee Vision Visualiser 8100 was the first Genee product I had bought. The product worked so great for me that I took no time in getting this Interactive Whiteboard (Genee Powerboard) for myself. And I am equally impressed with it. The educational software CD, Whiteboard stand, lots of image functions, HD picture quality, soft key functions for easy operation, sturdy build of the equipment and the facility to save data which can be easily retrieved for further use. And when I am not using this board as an interactive whiteboard then I use it as an ordinary whiteboard with marker pens instead of the standard stylus. I was also pretty impressed with the way the team Genee helped me choose the right model for my needs and their support continued till my product was safely delivered and installed. Thank you Genee.
4 Ratings
22 Mar 2012

Vidhi Shah, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The first thing that struck me about Genee Powerboard Interactive Whiteboard is the very high level of smooth finger surface interaction. There is absolutely no time lag between my finger or stylus touch and the screen response. The surface just comes alive at a single touch, which says truly amazing about its touch/gesture technology. The second thing is the picture quality. The screen is High Definition and gives great image clarity. The build is solid and the board isn’t easily damaged. And even if it happens that the surface of the board gets a dent (which I haven’t experienced till now) the normal functioning of the board won’t stop because the electromagnetic technology on which the board operates works from the sides of the board and is not present of the surface itself. The image gallery is vast and I can easily select relevant images to boost my presentation experience. Along with this the Genee Powerboard comes packed with many functions. All in all, Genee Powerboard is an extremely helpful teaching resource.
4 Ratings
10 Jan 2012

Kajal Sharma, Chandigarh

It wasn't until I bought the Genee Powerboard that I realized how much advantage it has brought into my everyday teaching and presentation needs. It is a remarkable high quality product. I use it for so many purposes. I teach on this whiteboard, I make live notes, I give my presentations on it and whenever I want my students to solve problems on the board, they do it and all information gets saved instantly so that I can review and check it later. It is a big touchscreen on which I access my internet. And honestly, the price is really affordable. I am very happy with my product.
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