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Genee Slate
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Graphic tablets (also known as graphic pads, drawing tablets or digitizing tablets) are computer input devices through which a person can draw images, graphics, make digital handwritten notes and navigate computer files similar to the way one draws graphics on a paper with a pencil. It is connected to a computer through a wireless Radio Frequency interface that can be plugged into any USB port on the computer.

A digitizing tablet comprises of two parts. One, a flat surface for drawing graphics and second is a special pen known as ‘stylus’ to draw images on that flat surface. Unlike paper, whatever a presenter draws on a graphic tablet doesn't appear on its surface, instead the image appears on the attached computer screen. The accessories which are commonly used with graphic tablets are: puck, stylus, stylus eraser, tablet mouse, art pen and air brush.

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Genee Slate - Graphic Pads

Be Techno Mobile with Genee's graphic tablet!
The Genee Slate is a multifunctional graphic tablet which is being widely used to enhance presentations and learning sessions. Thus, it creates an interactive environment. Our digitizing tablet is perfectly designed to annotate, make quick graphics, manual signatures and to navigate lesson plans or presentation content saved in a P.C or laptop while moving around the classroom! Moreover, Genee slate is an extremely useful ICT resource because it helps to communicate with an Interactive Whiteboard or computer through a wireless RF interface that can be plugged into any USB port on the computer.

The Genee Slate is a wireless radio frequency digitizing tablet giving flexibility to conduct lessons and presentations from anywhere in the classroom or presentation area with no more glare from a projector. These graphic pads are used to annotate over presentations and content, make quick graphics, handwritten signature and navigate in your computer.

Genee Slate - Graphic Pads
Genee Slate - Graphic Pads

As the Genee Slate is wireless, Teachers or Presenters no longer need to stay rooted to one place, ie behind a podium/lectern or in front of the class. With 25 hours of continuous cable free operation and the fact that 50 Genee Slates can link to 1 PC/Laptop, teaching is a way more fun and interactive exercise with personal attention to each student's response. It can be passed around the classroom for the students to navigate to their work, add notes or annotate over resources. Unique Soft keys, located across the top of the tablet allow instant access to various captivating Presentation Tools such as Annotation Pens, Spotlight and Reveal functions. The software also includes a library of clip art with over 2000 images! Teachers or Presenters can now enjoy a higher level of interaction with their classes while delivering more captivating lessons.

  • Extreme Mobility
    Presenters or teachers no longer need to stay rooted to one spot while facing an audience or group of students. They can access all their files; wherever they want in the room. Genee slate is an extremely lightweight stylus that carries all necessary mouse functions as well.
  • Ergonomic Designing
    Its super fine ergonomic designing and advanced RF technology along with contoured and sloping palm rest assures high level of comfort, easo fof use and reliability to its users.
  • Live Annotation
    Genee slate- the next generation Digitizing Tablet is perfectly carved for carrying out live annotations over presentations, programs, documents and web pages or on Microsoft applications such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word. With our incredible Genee slate; a user can easily draw images and graphics on a flat screen in a similar way as drawing it on a piece of paper.
  • Vast Clip Art Library
    You will also get FREE software which includes a clip art library of over 2,000 images, making Genee Slate a great ICT and AV solution for carrying out lectures and presentations. It also includes PowerPresenter and handwriting recognition features.
  • Battery Life
    Genee slate comes with an astonishing battery life of over 16 hours and that too in a continuing mode. Moreover, its rechargeable battery carries a capacity of 800mA which makes it the best Digitizing Tablet amongst all.
    • Live annotation over Microsoft applications such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word
    • Live annotation over presentations, programs, documents and web pages
    • Aids simultaneous interaction between teacher and students
    • Precise and lightweight stylus gathering all necessary mouse functions
    • 50 Genee Slates can link to 1 PC/Laptop
    • Ergonomic design for comfort and reliability
    • Comes with PowerPresenter and handwriting recognition features
    • Macro Key Manager with customizable shortcut keys to your programs
    • Up to 25 hours of continuous cable free operation
    • Clip Art Library of over 2000 images
    • Built-in LCD indicator panel
    • Easily recharge battery via computer USB lead
    • High resolution and report rate for greater precision
    • Online Help Menu
    • Fully battery-operated
Supported Platform
  • Windows2000
  • XP
Platform Specifications
  • Pentium 300 MHz (or equivalent) processor or higher
  • 20GB HDD
  • 128MB (Recommended) or more RAM
  • CD ROM drive
  • One free USB port
  • Super VGA colour monitor (800 x 600)
4 Ratings
25 Nov 2012

Abhishek Shrivastava, Allahabad

Genee Slate is a pretty handy tool. Once connected to the desktop or any laptop, I am able to go around the whole lecture theatre carrying this lightweight portable solution in my hands. It enables me to do live changes on the projected screen. It creates a lasting powerful impression on my audience. I am always in control of what I want to convey plus it gives me the added advantage of being in tune and more connected with my audience.
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