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Genee Classcreen
Product Code: Genee Classcreen
The newest wonder from the Genee techno bag is Genee Classcreen- a very modern interactive LCD Panel Screen. It is an ICT presentation device which when connected to your desktop/notebook computer and a projector automatically enables you to remotely operate PC applications from a lectern, podium or tabletop by using special cordless pen known as stylus. The very stylus also acts as a mouse.

The functionality of Genee’s panel screen is very similar to that of a graphic tablet or an interactive whiteboard. However, unlike a graphic tablet, whatever a person will write on the flat surface of the panel screen will appear on the surface. The panel screen image can then be projected through a multimedia projector to various sizes onto a projector screen, making it an excellent choice for large auditoriums and school hall presentations.

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Genee Classcreen - Interactive LCD Screen

The Genee Classcreen is a panel screen with fantastic interactive capabilities to heighten learning and presentation experience from a lectern, podium or tabletop. Genee Classcreen transforms your computer screen into an interactive panel screen allowing you to annotate over lessons, presentations and navigate your computer with a wireless pen.

The Genee Classcreen is an LCD panel screen with an interactive drawing tablet that offers you all the functionalities of a full-sized interactive whiteboard. This panel screen is the perfect tool for making annotations over lessons, presentation slides, navigate anywhere in your computer and capture these annotations in the computer from a lectern, podium or a tabletop.

Genee Classcreen - Interactive LCD Screen
Genee Classcreen - Interactive LCD Screen

The Genee Classcreen is clearly visible even in darkened conditions and the images on the screen can be projected via a projector to a pull down screen or an Interactive White board. This renders it ideal for school halls and large auditoriums without losing interaction with your audience and eliminating all glares from the projector.

  • Interactive learning and presentations from a lectern, podium or tabletop
  • PowerPresenter software with loads of annotation tools
  • High resolution LCD panel screen for comfortable viewing
  • Anti-scratch panel screen for screen protection
  • Clip art library
  • Handwriting recognition software
  • Active matrix TFT colour LCD
  • 15.0" diagonal screen size
  • 1024 x 768 addressable pixel
  • 0.297mm x 0.297mm pixel pitch
  • 250 cd/m2 (typ.) brightness
  • contrast ratio : 400:1(typ.)
  • U/D: 40°/60°, L/R: 60°/60°(typ.)
  • viewing angle, CR=10
  • Tr + Tf : 16 ms (typ) response time
  • Lamp number : 2 CCFLs
  • Life: 30,000 hrs ( Typ.)
  • Active area: 304 x 228.1mm
  • Resolution: 500 Lpi
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5mm
  • Pressure level: 512 levels
  • Interface: USB 1.1
  • Report Rate: 125 reports/per second
  • Maximum Reading Height: 25mm
  • Maximum Writing Height: 20mm
Stand and Mounting interface
  • Tilt (15° ~75°)
  • VESA Flat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Interface
  • (75mm x 75mm)
Standard Package
  • LCD monitor with stand
  • Power cord
  • AC-DC Adapter
  • User's manual
  • Software*3
  • Pen
  • Pen house
  • Figure of pen tweezers
  • Battery*1
Dimension & Weight N/W : 3.7 kg G/W : 5.02 kg Packed : 480mm x 425mm x 220mm
Agency approval FCC-B, CE-B, VCCI-II, UL, CUL, TUV
3.5 Ratings
03 Jan 2013

Kirti Upreti, Kolkata

Classcreen is a really classy drawing tablet with an LCD panel screen. This portable screen can be placed anywhere in the room allowing you to access your files from wherever you want. Giving presentations has become a better experience. I can control so much of the information flow. Not only that I can make on the spot alterations and changes to the existing material. All in all it’s a good presentation product.
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