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Click 2 Control
Product Code: Click 2 Control
The Genee Click is an ideal presentation tool for navigating PowerPoint presentations. Genee Click incorporates the functions of a laser pointer, wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard. It can work with a PC, Laptop or Projector. A lightweight portable presentation solution, Genee Click comes with a transmitter and a USB receiver.

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Click 2 Control

The Genee Click to Control as the name suggests is a smart ICT tool from Genee Technologies that lets you be in charge no matter where you are in the room while delivering a presentation. It is an amazingly convenient laser presentation tool to enhance and heighten PowerPoint presentation experience. Genee Click helps the presenter to move around the room all the while maintaining a complete navigational control of the presentation.

The Genee Click is a powerful functional integration of a laser pointer, wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard. It can work with a PC, Laptop or even a Projector as an ideal presentation tool in PowerPoint presentations.

Click 2 Control
Click 2 Control
  • Transmitter and a USB receiver.
  • Laser presentation tool to enhance PowerPoint presentations ideas
  • Wireless mouse
  • Hotkeys of multimedia keyboard
  • Page Up / Page Down Feature
  • Ergonomic design with Plug in Play
Remote Control
Frequency 2.4G Hz
Remote control distance Within 10 Meters, control from different angles
Laser distance More than 100 meters
Battery AAAx2pcs
Working voltage 2.4 - 3.0V
Standby current 0.1mA
Dimensions 104*46*22.5mm
Weight 35g
USB Receiver
Operation system Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP
USB Port USB 1.1, USB 2.0
Working voltage USB cable supply power (4.6-5.5V)
Dimensions 54*17*4mm
Weight 20g
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24 Apr 2012

Sachin Sebastien

Click 2 Control is an important tool while delivering presentations. I got it while I bought their Pro Digital Plus. It is quite satisfactory.
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