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Leaders in Learning Technology
Genee Vision 8100
Product Code: Genee Visualiser 8100
A Visualiser or Document camera is a type of video camera that can display any object or document on a projection screen with the help of a projector or other display devices like plasma screen, TV, Computer Monitor, etc. The article can be any 2D or 3D object like an electronic Circuit Board, jewellery, fabric, seed, flower, insect etc. The document can be a map, handout, printed or even a handwritten page from a book/diary etc. Visualisers can also save documents and objects as moving or static images.

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Genee Vision 8100 - Visualiser | Document Camera

The Genee Vision 8100 visualiser is a powerful visual teaching and training tool which has been consistently enhancing the teaching and presentation ideas, lending invaluable input in educational assessments. Compatible with both Windows and Mac software, Genee Vision Visualiser 8100 has been providing high quality presentation solutions and easy investigation facilities for teachers, educators and presenters worldwide. Ideal for corporate, training, education, science labs, dental labs, medical research, broadcast studios and conference rooms, Genee Vision 8100 document camera has a great impact on teaching ideas and learning. You can teach students in a highly interactive environment where they can learn while exploring the most complex matters from a better perspective.

Genee Vision 8100 is an amazing digital processing visualiser, educational assessment teaching aid that gives a new dimension to learning and teaching. Its 12x optical zoom function allows you to view text documents and 2D or 3D objects in more detail. Educators and presenters can now capture images of familiar 'real' time objects and insert them into their presentations enabling them to create their own curriculum material. Teachers can record the demonstration of a process or any technical procedure as a video, save it in their PC for using these visual aids in future lessons. It has a light box to turn negatives into positives like X-ray films. It has internal memory to save images during live presentations.

Genee Vision 8100 - Visualiser | Document Camera
Genee Vision 8100 - Visualiser | Document Camera

The ability to link computer and Interactive whiteboard and also switch between each of them easily is highly appreciated by Genee product users the world over. Genee Vision Visualiser provides a range of connection points and can be used with plasma screens, desktop computer, laptop, projector, monitor, T.V, speakers, DVD and VCR. It has the added functionality to make annotations on the live text or object projected by the visualiser on the interactive whiteboard. When integrated with our Interactive Response System ClassComm & Census for asking spontaneous questions, teacher can assess any student during an ongoing teaching session. The combination of Visualiser and Interactive Response System makes an effective and interactive learning environment.

  • Motorised Head Rotation
    Vertical head rotation 330°, Horizontal head rotation 270°
  • Lens (Zoom)
    23x Optical Zoom, 10x Digital Zoom and 230x Total Zoom
  • Image Functions and Light Box
    Save 7 images without the need for a computer. Negative/Positive conversion feature, Black and white and Clour selections facility. Built in 8- 1/2" LED light box
  • Screen Functionality and on the spot assessment by the teacher
    Title and Split screen functions. Use with ClassComm and CenS-Us for immediate live session evaluation of a student.
  • Additional Functionality
    USB 2.0 for faster data transfer, RS232 for HD compatibility and a varied range of connection points.
CCD Progressive Scan CCD
Dynamic and Static Mode Buttons Switch between “Digital” and “Analog” image
Total Pixels 780k
Video Output Resolution More than 450 TV lines
Powered Zoom 23x optical, 10x digital
Focus/Iris Auto/Manual
White Balance Auto
Image save/Recall 7 images
Digital Imaging Functions Negative, Freeze, Mirror, Split, Title Screen
Image Scroll Horizontal/Vertical by Motorised Camera Head
Camera Head Rotation Vertical 330, Horizontal 270
RGB Input 15 Pin “D” Connector
RGB Output Resolution XGA, SVGA
RGB Output 15 Pin “D” Connector
Projector Control RS232
Control with Computer RS232
Audio Input Mini Jackx4 (Audio out follows selected Video Input)
MIC Input 1/4” Jackx1
C-Video Input RCAx1 (can pass through to XGA Output)
S-Video Input 4 Pin mini DINx1 (can pass through to XGA Output)
C-Video Output RCAx1
S-Video Output 4 Pin mini DINx1 (Audio out follows selected Video Input)
USB Port USB 2.0
Image Capture 10 Images/Sec
Power Input 12V/4A adaptor
Operating System Windows98/2000/ME/XP Mac OS 10.3 or higher
Arm Light 2x1.5W LED Arm Light
Back Light Built-in 8 1/2” x 11” LED Light Box
Colour Adjustment Yes
Video Scalar Yes Built-In (Converts S and C Video Input to RGB Out)
Input Switching Yes (Switches all Video and Audio Inputs to RGB Out)
Brightness Adjustments Yes
Focus Adjustments Yes
Motorized Camera Head Yes
Projector Power On/Off RS232
Projector Input Selection RS232
Operating Temperature 32 F - 104 F (0 C-40 C)
Instruction Sheet Yes (User guide above lightbox)
Remote Control Complete Set of Controls with Built in Storage Compartment
Power AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions Folded: 20.1”x16.1”x4.7” (51.1cmx40.9cmx11.9cm)
Setup: 20.1”x20.9”x22.4” (51.1cmx53cmx56.9cm)
Net Weight N.M:12.1 lbs (5.5kg)
G.W:20.9 lbs (9.5kg)
4.5 Ratings
01 Nov 2012

Abhay Sachan, Bangalore

I love gadgets and add them to my collection as and when I get a chance. My work profile requires me to give a lot of seminars and presentations. I wanted the perfect presentation tool, so I did some research online and came across Geneeā€™s Vision 8100 Visualiser. It is an incredible product. In fact, I bought the Genee 8100 after I learnt that it was bought by the Border Security Force (BSF) of India. It can capture any object within a 500- 700 meter radius. It can record videos of live events and save them instantly. So, this product is really impressive. I have been using it for almost a year now and I have no complaints.
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