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Leaders in Learning Technology
Genee Vision 6100
Product Code: Genee Visualiser 6100
The latest from the bank of Genee Visualiser range is the new Genee Vision 6100 which is a powerful new visual presentation, teaching and training tool. Ideally used in conjunction with Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors or even portable banners, the Genee 6100 makes learning, dynamic, completely progressive and interesting.

The best thing about it is that the objects can be both 2D and 3D and can be projected on an ordinary whiteboard, interactive whiteboard, wall or any flat surface. This document camera can display images of any object, document, jewellery, fabric, coin, fruit, watch, insect, map, handout or any page from a book etc. Along with this, it can capture images, record videos and save documents and objects as moving or static images.

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Genee Vision 6100 - Visualiser | Document Camera

Now compatible with cross platform software like Windows and Mac, the Genee Vision 6100 visualiser is Genee's latest digital processing visualiser which is in great demand by all educational institutions for comprehensive student evaluation and educational assessment. This digital processing visualiser has outstanding functions. This visual teaching aid and educational assessment equipment is the wonderful answer for several educational and instructional presentation problems, classroom coaching, lesson recording all the while providing high quality exploration functionality.

Genee Vision 6100 document camera is perfect for creating mock up tests for scene settings, theatres or room settings. It is used for teaching subjects especially English, Science, Social Sciences, Technology and Art. Genee Vision 6100 visualiser/digital processing visualiser can capture text or image up to a great detail and that's why it is being used extensively a presentation tool in the classroom teaching.

Genee Vision 6100 - Visualiser | Document Camera
Genee Vision 6100 - Visualiser | Document Camera

The Genee Vision 6100 visualiser is a magnificent digital processing visualiser, educational assessments and visual teaching aids. Ideally used with optima magnetic whiteboards or dry erase boards, the Genee Vision 6100 visualiser makes education, more active and exciting. It is the ideal answer for all educational and visual teaching problems, classroom teaching and lesson recordings. It's 22x optical zoom function allows you to view text documents and 3D objects in more detail broad view, saving time and money with the image and video capture services.

  • Design
    It is completely light weight and has a compact design. The camera arm folds forward neatly.
  • Flexible Rotating Head
    It has a 330 degree motorized turning head
  • Light Box
    Genee Visualiser 6100 has 2 long life LED arm lights and an integral light box.
  • Lens (Zoom)
    1/4 inch CCD Lens with 22x Optical zoom, 10x Digital zoom and auto focus.
  • Image Functions
    Freeze, image and video capturing function, negative/positive function as well as Dynamic/Static image capture funtion.
  • Other Functionality
    Animation Tool, Scroll Option and Split Screen
Camera 1/4"professional CCD
Total Pixels 470k
RGB Output Pixels 780k
Powered Zoom 22x Optical, 10x Digital
Motorised Camera Head Yes
Focus Auto / Manual
White Balance Auto
Digital Imaging Negative / Positive, Black / White, Color, Freeze, Split, Title, Mirror
Image Save & Recall 7 Frames Save
Resolution SVGA (800 x 600), XGA (1024 x 768)
Input Connectors C-Video: RCA jack (1), S-Video: 4 pin mini Din (1), Audio: Mini jack (2), MIC: Mini jack (1), PC Audio: Mini jack (2), RGB: DB15FLC (2)
Output Connectors RGB DB15FLC (2), C-Video: RCA jack (1), S-Video: 4 pin mini Din (1), Audio: Mini jack (1)
Arm Light 1.5 W LED Lamps x 2 Back Light: LED Lamp
Camera Vertically 330°
Image Rotate No
Hardware Requirement CPU Higher Than P2.4GHz, RAM Higher Than 256MB
USB 30 frames/sec
USB 2.0
RS-232 Connector 9-Pin, D-Sub, Male/6-Pin PS/2
Power requirements 12V/4A External AC Adapter
Dimension (W x D x H) Folded: 508 x 409 x 119mm
Setup: 508 x 531 x 569mm
Packing: 650 x 538 x 231mm
Weight N.W: 5.5Kg / G.W: 7.5Kg
Operating system Windows / Mac / RM Networks / CC4
Accessories AC Power Cord, RGB Cable, Audio / Video Cable, S-Video Cable, Computer RS232 Cable (9-pin to 9-pin), Projector RS232 Cable (6-pin to 9-pin), USB Cable, Audio Convert Cable, AC Adapter, User's Manual, Software CD, Infrared Remote Control, Warranty Card
Warranty 1 Years (2 years when registered)
4 Ratings
25 Feb 2013

Shreya Dwivedi, Kolkata

Genee’s Visualiser 6100 is a pretty neat product. Being a Fashion Designer and Consultant, my work entails designing and giving presentations to my clients and designer team about the fabrics, designs, material samples and share images and documents etc with them. Genee Vision 6100 really comes in handy as it has a great zoom function, I can enlarge and show my designs and fabrics to all at the same time using Genee’s projector and Powerboard. It enlivens the whole presentation experience as I am enabled to make live notes, give pointers and save instant images of real time objects captured by GV 6100.
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