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Genee Air
Product Code: gv-air
The Vaddio Genee Air Visualiser is a complete ceiling-mounted visualiser system. Equipped with a high resolution CCD camera it has an incredible 300X Optical Zoom Lens and auto-focus function. This exciting high tech document camera comes as a great classroom solution. The image quality is amazing. The camera has complete VISCA camera control capabilities that allow it to be controlled by any control system or video codec that uses the VISCA control code.

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Genee Vision Air - Visualiser | Document Camera

Genee Air Document Camera

Genee AIR is a ceiling-mounted visualiser/document camera that captures detailed and high quality pictures to be displayed on a variety of devices such as computer monitors, interactive whiteboards, LCD screens and many more. The device guarantees to deliver high definition image clarity for monitors, plasma screens, video projectors and videoconferencing systems. With a wider field of view, laser positioning guide and functions like six zoom settings, the tool definitely creates a magic spell on the users.

You can easily use Genee Air with different document sizes ranging from large documents like blueprints or CAD drawings to smallest of things such as a postage stamp. Both composite and S-Video connections allow for dual-monitor displays in large rooms. The Genee Air is easy to install with a single Cat-5 cable that carries both video control and power signals. It produces composite, S-Video and VGA signals concurrently for multi-monitor display in large rooms.

The main idea behind this dynamic Ceiling Visualiser is to keep the speaker's table or lectern free, so that absolutely nothing disrupts the view and connection developed between the speaker and audience. The Genee AIR document cameras come in compact sized elegant models.

Genee Vision Air - Visualiser | Document Camera
Genee Vision Air - Visualiser | Document Camera

Reaching the cable connectors located on the top side of the unit is extremely easy as the document camera can be opened with just one pull. The automatic height adjustment mode of the Genee AIR is also fantastic and comes with easy installation process. The users can simply expand the optical zoom range with a height adjustable table or ceiling mount to get finer image quality. The results of Genee AIR visualiser have gained great acknowledgment by global tech lovers. Because of its endless range of features like 25x Optical zoom, 12x Digital zoom, Auto/Manual focus, 480 Lines resolutions and much more, it is the perfect monitoring and presentation device for your classroom, conference suites, and presentation halls.

  • Lens (Zoom)
    Up to 300 X zoom provides excellent image detail. Also, Wide field of view captures large documents
  • Laser positioning guide
    This makes document placement simple. Plus, Six preset zoom settings makes it easy to adjust for different document sizes
  • High-quality CCD image sensor
    Delivers 480 TV lines of full-motion video with superb image clarity and colour.
  • Smart connection
    RS-232 port with VISCA™ control protocol cables easy connections to a control system
  • Adjustable, stereo microphones
    They provide high-quality voice/audio from the presenter or instructor.
Sensor Super HAD CCD
Resolution 480 Lines
Zoom Optical 25x, Digital 12x
Output Signal Composite (with adapter included), S-Video
Weight 1.81 kg
Ceiling Cutout 8.9 cm Diameter
Enclosure 11.43 cm x 16.51 cm, Plenum-rated
Focus Auto/Manual
White Balance Auto
Brightness Auto/Manual
Iris Auto
Backlight Compensation Auto
Light Sensitivity 2.5 Lux
Magnification 300x
Warranty 1 year
4 Ratings
15 Mar 2011

Nishant Agarwal, Hyderabad

The Vaddio Genee Air is a really useful document camera. Ever since I bought it, I have been using it in all my major presentations and conferences. I absolutely vote for this product. The best thing about it is that it drastically enhances the people participation and interest in what you have to say. It supports videoconferencing and its zooming ability is great. I use it with Geneeā€™s projectors to visualise effectively on any interactive whiteboard. It lends a definite positive impression.
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