Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
  • Genee Vision 50

    Genee Vision 50

    The new Genee Vision Visualiser 50 is a great visual presenter offering the ultimate teaching and training solutions. Lightweight and portable with one cable convenience this budget friendly document...

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  • Genee Vision 150

    Genee Vision 150

    The Genee Vision 150 visualiser is an entry-level document camera that can seamlessly integrate with any Interactive Whiteboard to contrive presentations, digital resources and record demonstrations...

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  • Genee Vision 2200

    Genee Vision 2200

    Incorporated with Genee advanced technologies, Genee Vision Visualiser 2200 is the newest addition to the Genee Visualiser range and offers an affordable and portable desktop solution. With the Genee...

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  • Genee Vision 3100

    Genee Vision 3100

    The Genee Vision 3100 visualiser / Visual Presenter is a digital ICT presentation and teaching equipment that directly connects to a computer, Interactive Whiteboard, Projector or LCD screen. It can...

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  • Genee Vision 6100

    Genee Vision 6100

    The latest from the bank of Genee Visualiser range is the new Genee Vision 6100 which is a powerful new visual presentation, teaching and training tool. Ideally used in conjunction with Interactive...

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  • Genee Vision 8100

    Genee Vision 8100

    A Visualiser or Document camera is a type of video camera that can display any object or document on a projection screen with the help of a projector or other display devices like plasma screen, TV,...

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  • Genee Vision 9100

    Genee Vision 9100

    The Genee Vision 9100 visualiser is basically a digital ICT presentation and teaching tool that can be instantly connected to a P.C. and/or Interactive Whiteboard, Projector or LCD screen. With this...

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  • Genee Vision Elite

    Genee Vision Elite

    The new Genee Vision Elite is a digital ICT presentation and teaching tool that can be instantly connected to a P.C. and/or interactive whiteboard, projector or LCD screen. It can detect any kind of...

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  • Genee Air

    Genee Air

    The Vaddio Genee Air Visualiser is a complete ceiling-mounted visualiser system. Equipped with a high resolution CCD camera it has an incredible 300X Optical Zoom Lens and auto-focus function. This...

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  • Genee Vision Carry Case

    Genee Vision Carry Case

    The Genee vision carry case is the wonderful storage cases for visualisers . Discover smooth and scratch free transportation for your classroom products like visualisers, digital processing visualiser...

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