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Touch Screen LED
Product Code: Genee Touchscreen LED
Genee Touch is the robust new alternative to a whiteboard. The Genee Touch LED has all the features and working area of a whiteboard without the projector glare, running costs, lighting reflection or necessity of closing blinds.

Using the Genee Touch LED integrated interactive screen is simple and easy. It gives staff the confidence to be at the front of the room showing off their work to colleagues. This precision interface is due to the advanced integrated "no space" construction between the screen surface and the sensing responder.

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The advantage of interactive integration! The Genee Touch LED display delivers many benefits over other overlay technologies. The response is more precise as there is no space between the screen surface and the sensing responder, so allowing easy operation, with synchronization between finger and cursor almost faultless.

Why chose a Genee Touch LED?

  • True LED
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Fault-tolerant design
  • Anti-glare, anti-dust, which aids the use of the screen in multiple environments
  • A much longer life, vastly improved blacks and colours, and superior when viewing in areas with a lot of ambient light when compared to LCD screens
  • A much greener option due to lower power consumption and longer life
  • Dual user and multi user option on 65" Model
  • Support multi-touch (dual user) operation. Can zoom in/out, rotate, dual pens writing etc
  • 3 year warranty
  • Crystal clear viewing
    The Genee Touch screen truly delivers the 'classroom of tomorrow' today. The Genee Touch range of LCD screens alleviate the problems students regularly endure, of finding items written or displayed difficult to read due to sunlight or reflective lighting, as the LCD screen has an inbuilt wide viewing angle high definition panel which gives the whole class a crystal clear image quality regardless of their location in the room.
  • Good for the environment and reduces running costs
    The Genee Touch also scores as there are is no high maintenance electricity hungry projector. You can also say goodbye to costly lamps to replace and dispose of. Thus making the range good for the environment as well as reducing the running cost significantly compared to a whiteboard. The screen has auto sensing data ports that switch the screen off when there is nothing to display (it automatically powers up too), so further lowering electricity use without the operator doing anything. The screens are virtually maintenance free.
  • Designed with an eye on the future
    The three larger models have high definition 1080p displays for improved image quality and sharpness which far exceeds the traditional projection display systems. The Genee Touch also has high brightness and contrast ratios. So, it's perfect for use even in brightly lit or sunny areas. It makes turning the lights off or closing the window blinds unnecessary. The unit comes with an in-built amplifier and optional speakers.
  • Easy Installation
    Genee Touch can be installed on a wall or optional floor stands. It is programmed to connect to a windows PC using either of its auto-sensing twin VGA port or DVI-I digital data port. The 60,000 hour backlight life (equivalent to 30 years in a typical school user situation!), eliminates expensive replacement lamps. The range also offers a three year on-site warranty option ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Built to take knocks
    The Genee range has been developed to take knocks. With toughened 4mm glass ensuring that no damage can occur or "ripple effects" take place on the LCD screen; it is so robust that it can withstand a 500 gram steel ball being swung into the glass face from 1.5 meters.
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