Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Genee Future Class

Genee Future class includes highly illustrative multimedia applications and interactive software from pre primary to intermediate level to take your students into the world beyond books, where whatever they learn with the help of real time videos, animations, images and graphics becomes more than just lessons…

Genee Future class uses easy to understand animations and graphics for basic concept building in students.

Our enriched CBSE and NCERT based Content includes:-

  1. Text and Graphics
  2. Images
  3. Audio
  4. Real Videos
  5. Animation(2D and 3D)
  6. Teacher and student driven puzzles & quizzes
  7. Graphs & charts
  8. Experiments and tricks
  9. Interactive software
  10. Chapter wise summary and review

Educational Benefit :-

  1. Easy access to subject material
  2. Chapter wise Summary & Revision
  3. Any time topic review
  4. Experiment & Tricks

Genee Future Class is not only about the content for the classrooms but also a complete concept to enable the classroom with future savvy tools must to assist the teacher in adopting better teaching practices using visual aids, practical in-depth exposure and capture the imaginations through live activities and discussions. Even now, an absent student can participate in a live classroom teaching session and can take the quiz/test online. Future class concept enables modern day teachers to reduce the mugging up habit in the students and induce more visualization, in-depth understanding and interest in the subjects they teach to ensure that they are providing a strong foundation today in their classroom for the future generation who will build our nation stronger and greater tomorrow. Genee Future Class concept inculcates:

  1. Equipping classroom with latest teaching aids e.g. Interactive Whiteboard, Projector, Visualiser, Assessment Response System, and Digital Slate etc.
  2. Providing a high quality content and applications which support teachers in enhancing their lecture presentation and student assessment to ensure effective knowledge is imparted.
  3. Inviting teachers to create and share their own good work with others on the teachers sharing platform and contribute in continuous upgrade of knowledge & skills.
  4. Supporting the students and other teachers through discussion forum & blogs.
  5. Being a leader in your mission with world class solutions and support from Genee.

Are your classrooms & teachers not Future ready yet? Are you confused on deciding what is right for you in today's compatibility market and quality products for your Future class? Please call us today...our consultants will guide you in the right decision for investment to build the future generations.

A complete web based application which easily works on any kind of platform and a perfect classroom solution that includes:-

  • Role based navigation system
  • Framework based software
  • Personalized accounts for all students, parents, faculty and administration department
  • Secure authentication system
  • Online and offline accessibility of content
  • Easy access at different places- classrooms, computer labs, library, staff room or anywhere in Wi-Fi campus

Special Attraction


  • Student Driven (Self – Assessment)
  • Teacher Driven (Classes Performance)

Special Focus for The Compatibility Exams Preparation

  • NDA
  • Engineering (IIT, AIEEE).
  • Medical ,Dental (AIIMS, AIPMT).

High Level Analytical of Exam For Improving the Performance Every Next Time.

  • Subject Based, Topic Based
  • Exam Based.
  • Time Based.
  • Comparisons with Past Performance & Toppers
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