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Leaders in Learning Technology
Product Code: Geneemation
Try Geneemation! Genee's newly developed one-stop motion animation software. Geneemation has been designed specifically for primary school children in consultation with the best professional animators and of course after a thorough feedback from the primary school children themselves. Geneemation combines powerful features with a very intuitive and easy to use interface.

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Geneemation Animation Educational Software

After careful research, survey and feedback from many primary school students, Genee India in collaboration with the expert counsel of professional animators and educators has come up with a brand new Interactive Education presentation-software called as Geneemation! This wonderful Stop-motion animation software is designed specifically for school education purpose so that the little buds blossom with all creative resources around them turning them into innovative and bright individuals.

With Geneemation, the world of creativity is at your disposal. Add music, videos, audio clips, text features and characters to make your animated film the most powerful tool of capturing students' attention. You can slow down your film, play it as you make it, switch to different computer systems while making it, edit the movie and do much more with Geneemation.

Geneemation Animation Educational Software
Geneemation Animation Educational Software

Not only this, the Geneemation software is developed in complete compliance with Genee Visualisers and Powerboards or smartboards. Thus you can very easily play your movie on a Genee Electric Whiteboard, save or burn it on a DVD and even upload it on your website.

  • Works with any Genee Vision Visualiser
    Instantly create your own animation studio
  • Play back your animation while making it
    You don't have to wait until you've finished.
  • Dynamically adjustable frame rate
    Slow down your film if you've made it too fast.
  • Onion skinning
    Great for seeing how much you've moved your characters or putting them back in place if you've knocked them over!
  • Works with all school networks
    You don't have to go back to the same computer to continue working on your film.
  • Import music and sounds, record narration
    Using a very simple drag-drop interface you can arrange multiple layers of music and sound effects to create your very own audio visual masterpiece.
  • Add titles and credits
    Insert titles and credits with many different and exciting styles and transitions.
  • Video editing
    Geneemation provides a 'movie maker' style interface allowing for easy editing of your animations!
  • Export to AVI & WMV
    Turn your animation into a windows video file that you can show it on your interactive whiteboards, burn on a DVD and even upload on your website.

To view our Animation Gallery, Please Click Here http://www.zu3d.com/gm/gallery/

Technical Specs
Compatibilites Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 PC
Processor  1.4Ghz or equivalent processor
Memory 512MB RAM (1GB for Vista or Windows7)
CDROM drive 4x or faster
Monitor 800*600 resolution screen
HDD 350 MB free hard drive spac
4.5 Ratings
31 Oct 2012

Sheetal Sharma, New Delhi

I absolutely love Geneemation! It’s such an awesome tool. The image gallery, pre installed audio and video clips, the wide variety of formatting and editing options, everything about this software is great as it helps me to teach with a fresh and newer perspective every time I show my students presentations, short films etc. I can bring in my own characters to life instead of sticking with the old ones which I think helps the students also to be more creative and think out of the box.
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