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Leaders in Learning Technology
Genee Spark
Product Code: 001
Genee SparkGenee Spark is extremely powerful and versatile interactive screen software.

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Designed to work on both Interactive whiteboards and LED touch screens it provides a presenter or teacher with an infinite canvas area. As well as importing documents and images from local files or the internet this software will run over the top of other applications allowing you to annotate, highlight and manipulate objects.

Along with tools such as brush, intelligent pen, protractor, eraser, compass, spotlight, ruler and many more there is also a customisable built in image library for quick and easy access to subject specific images.

Genee Spark comes with a floating toolbar that has its own array of diverse functions.

It has many features like,

  • Mac Compatible
  • Windows Compatible
  • Image Library
  • Infinite Canvas Area
  • Import Images and Documents
  • Floating Toolbar
  • Annotation Tools
  • File Recorder
  • Record Lessons and Presentation
    Lessons and presentations can easily be recorded using the 'own file recorder' function and then output to AVI & WMV formats for uploading to the internet or for use as podcasts / webinars.
  • Image Library
    Genee Spark comes loaded with its own inbuilt image gallery that has an amazing selection of images meant to capture students' interest and fuel their curiosities. 
  • Compatibility
    It is completely compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Annotation Tools
    Manipulate text and images just as you want with an array of annotation tools to aid effective teaching. Highlight, underline, circle, move text and images and flip them just as you want!
4 Ratings
19 Jan 2012

Sobhagya Kaushal, Varanasi

I ordered Genee Spark after researching online for some good interactive screen software. Genee Spark is totally compatible with my Mac and lends a lot of freedom to me when I am working on an interactive whiteboard. It has some really good features and I like it because it is like a combo pack comprising of a toolbar, file recorder, images and animation gallery etc. I can import my documents and do whatever I want.
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