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Leaders in Learning Technology
Genee Gel
Product Code: GeneeGel
Genee Gel is a mind mapping software which allows teachers, presenters and trainers to build colourful interactive diagrams associated with the key concepts/ideas and relationships among them. These interactive diagrams aid the learning process by visual and aural presentations created by organizing the lesson concepts in a structured way. Concepts or ideas are enclosed in a shape box. The relationship among concepts or ideas is indicated by links. You can also add images, videos, audios and other resources as hyperlinks to the concepts or ideas.

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Genee Gel

Genee Gel is a great mind mapping software to generate mind maps around key concepts or ideas and emphasize the relationship between them. Genee Gel Mind Mapping tool automatically generates interactive diagrams enhancing the learning power and taking presentation making to new heights. Genee Gel interactive mind maps are inspired by the renowned "mind mapping" study technique incorporating visual learning.

Genee Gel is an amazing presentation mapping tool which opens up a whole new world of creativity and thinking by visual representation of concepts or ideas and relationships among them through powerful interactive diagrams using multimedia resources such as images, audios, text and videos. Concepts or ideas are enclosed in a shape box .The relationship among concepts or ideas are indicated by links. You have complete freedom to be as creative as you want with your presentation to make it more learner-friendly and interactive. You can add images, text, videos, audio clips and other resources as hyperlinks to the core concepts or ideas.

Genee Gel
  • Concepts or Idea representations through interactive diagrams.
  • Mind Mapping Software improves understanding through visual learning.
  • Insert images, text, videos, audios and other multimedia resources to the interactive diagrams making your presentations unique and creative enough to hold students' attention.
  • Complex ideas or concepts can be represented with greater clarity.
  • Numerous Mind Mapping tools to create interactive mind maps.
Genee Gel - Technical Specs
Supported Platform Windows 2000 / XP
Platform Specifications
  • 225 MHz of Pentium MMX Series CPU or higher (Recommended)
  • 20GB HDD
  • 128MB (Recommended) or more RAM.
3.5 Ratings
24 Dec 2012

Nida Khan, Delhi

I bought it the moment I read the terms ‘Mind Mapping Tool’. Genee Gel is a great way to better my presentations. I often have to chart associations and make flowcharts. I am able to picturise the concepts very easily with its help.
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