Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Early Years OnBoard
Product Code: Early-Years-OnBoard
Genee Powerboard is a finger touch whiteboard utilizing infra-red (IR) and gesture technology. It combines state-of-the-art hardware with leading edge software to give unique performance in the board.

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Early Years OnBoard Animation Educational software

Multitouch - Taking collaboration to new heights

Now up to four students can collaborate without boundaries using four-touch interactivity. Students can use their fingers or a pen to write, draw and interact with content on the surface of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, or two students working together can each use natural multitouch gestures. This means they can spend more time collaborating and less time waiting for their turn to work on the interactive surface. And there are no manuals required  to to learn from; students can simply walk up to the Smart interactive whiteboard and begin working together.

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Freestyle interaction - Expanding the boundaries of learning

With freestyle interaction, four students can work together anywhere on the surface without being restricted to defined spaces or specific tools. Each one can perform different actions at the same time  for example, two students can move objects around while another writes in digital ink.

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Early Years OnBoard Animation Educational software
Early Years OnBoard Animation Educational software

Touch gestures - Putting the world at their fingertips

Using multitouch gestures, groups of students can interact with lesson content in new and exciting ways. This gives them a deeper, more interactive learning experience. They can use intuitive gestures such as toss, rotate and zoom, or use the gestures available with multitouch operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows 7 or Mac Snow Leopard.

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  • Planned Lesson Activities
    The syllabus covered by Genee Early Years On Board caters to the educational needs of the tiny tots. All activities are planned and have been spefically designed to create a fun learning experience for young students.
  • Multitouch experience
    Up to four students can simultaneously write, perform mouse functions, erase, and manipulate and move objects on the interactive whiteboard surface.
  • Intuitive Gesture Features
    Children can now use intuitive gestures such as toss, rotate and zoom, or use the gestures available with multitouch operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows 7 or Mac Snow Leopard.
Technical Specs
Compatibilites Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 PC
Processor  Pentium 233-megahertz (MHz) processor or faster (300 MHz is recommended)
Memory 128 MB (256 MB or above recommended)
CDROM drive 4x or faster
Monitor 800 x 600, 256 colours (Recommended: 1024 x 768 high colour, 32-bit)
HDD 200 MB free hard drive spac
Software Flash Player 9+
4 Ratings
14 Dec 2012

Ambika Bhatnagar, Noida

I have a three year old daughter and when I admitted her to her play school, I was trying to find a product that would supplement the play school curriculum in a much better way. Needless to say, I am very satisfied with the performance and syllabus structure of Genee’s ‘Early Years On Board’. It has so many interesting activities and lessons that for my daughter it is more of a play time in which she does a lot of learning.
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