Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
North Eastern Hill University

" The students are greatly motivated and stimulated about Genee Vision Visualiser and it is mostly used in show­ing natural objects, text, assessment of students work and creating digital educational content ”

Genee Technologies India was the first to introduce Genee Vision Visualiser to North Eastern Hill Uni­versity. Mr.Khare and their staff thought the Genee Vision Visualiser was brilliant after they saw the demonstration and could immediately see advantages of purchasing one for their school.

The Genee Vision is fantastic product that can really help students feel ‘part of the class’. In the School, the Genee Vision is constantly used to enlarge and zoom in on resources, text and 3D objects. It can also help save money on photo-copying and enlarging as the visualiser can capture an image in seconds and it can be viewed via projector or on a large interactive whiteboard or pull down screen without need to make lots of enlarged copies.

A selection of the main findings described in feedback carried out at the school was as follows:

  • Children are excited and motivated to learn as it was interesting for them to see.
  • ICT is playing a key role in the children’s learning.
  • The children are excited by the Visualiser and are keen to use it to explore many more things.
  • Using the Visualiser the children’s learning is enhanced across the curriculum
  • Use of the Visualiser added awe and wonder to lessons
  • More is achieved other than the set objectives through speaking and listening, confidence and independence
  • All of the children in the class are keen to use the Visualiser.
  • All children are motivated to work well, so that they could have their work projected.
  • The Visualiser allowed the teacher to celebrate the children’s work and to show ‘good’ examples.
  • The Visualiser enabled both the teacher and other children to show children how to improve their work.
  • Visualiser allowed the children to observe more closely and from this their understanding and ap­preciation developed.
  • The Visualiser allowed the teacher to have a better choice of texts to use as the image could be displayed for all to see.
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