Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Amity International School

"We are using the Genee Visualiser that is amazing visual teaching aid for looking at natural objects, electron­ic components, flowers etc. So far we have used Genee Vision for creating content by capturing images but wants to extend this to video capturing of scientific events such as growth of seed, a chemical reaction in dynamic mode like a slow motion video ”

Amity International School is always a leader in pushing the latest ICT technologies to enhance education. The Principal and the teaching staff of Amity International School unanimously decided to purchase the Genee Vision Visualiser after seeing its advantages in the demonstration at their campus.

The Genee Vision Visualiser dramatically enhances the lessons by allowing teachers to share and zoom in on resources such as text, 2D or 3D objects such as flowers, leaf etc.

The teacher’s time for creating educational content was greatly reduced as they can capture im­ages and videos and use it repeatedly in the lessons. The students are more active in the class and their retention of information has really enhanced by this innovative visual teaching aid.

Progressively with their decision to purchase one unit of Genee Vision, they have decided to purchase more units in the coming months. Genee Vision was extremely functional without any complication in using .the layout of the buttons is easily viewed and managed along with the use of a remote control. Teachers and students don’t have to be stand in front of the class in order to display and view objects or text.

The Genee Vision 6100 has the functionality that can enable teaching staff to:

  • Engage through discussion about real objects.
  • Record outcomes and process through digitally capturing still and movie images via USB2
  • Improve efficiency in lessons as everyone can see the same image
  • Reduce the need to photocopy resources
  • Students actively participates in the lessons
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