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Leaders in Learning Technology
Conference Centres / Hotels

Conference Centres / Hotels<

With the increase of global business, there has been a significant rise in the number of commuting businessmen who opt for hotel conference rooms for business meetings. Using our range of Genee ICT and AV products you can now increase your bookings by empowering your hotels and conference rooms with Genee's ICT solutions.

Using our HD visualisers such as the Genee Vision 3100, 6100 or the new Genee Vision 9100 let your presentations be delivered in a unique powerful way. Genee Visualisers capture high quality, crystal clear images. With a remote control you can simply rotate an image from the back of a room. These visualisers are ideal for recording presentations, meetings and for training.

Not only this, the new Class Comm 5 online system allows participants not only to use dedicated devices but also their own devices such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or even iPad. Some centres prefer using Interactive LED screens or Genee Powerboards (Interactive Whiteboards)

Now you can easily increase the revenue generated from your same old conference rooms by using Genee India's innovative ICT products designed for all sort of presentations. Move your conference, lecture, seminar and training centres into the future and increase your reservations.

"Genee India: Empowering Lives, Empowering Lifestyles"

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