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Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Class 9 Social Studies
Product Code: Class IX Social Science
Social studies bring awareness not only about your own self, but also about what goes around you. For the development of any country, skillful, resourceful, knowledgeable and dynamic group of hard

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Social Studies Class IX

Class 9 Social Science

"Take an Interactive tour of India Rich History, Geography and learn about our Civic Duties."

Devised by expert professional of the education and technology world, Genee Technologies India is the proud maker and supplier of the best ICT inclusive study material for your child's needs. This perfect K12 content study material when used in conjunction with whiteboards, visualisers and student response systems lends a high tech ambience to dull classrooms and speeds up the learning process of students who take much more interest in studies when taught via interactive and innovative education technology

Sectioned into four parts, Class IX Social Science is a comprehensive study of India's Geography, Economics, History and Civics. Geography takes us on an interactive tour of India's landscape focusing on the weather, climate, natural vegetation, physical features and population while economics demonstrates the story of Indian villages, poverty and food security. History and Civics together complement each other as one enlightens us about the past and the other sensitizes the students about the country's democratic policies, its constitutions, electoral politics and so much more!

Social Studies Class IX

If you wish your child be benefitted with amazing learning tool, then Genee's K12 Content is your answer.

Social Studies CBSE Syllabus Class 9



  1. India -Size and Location
  2. Physical Features of India
  3. Drainage
  4. Climate
  5. Natural Vegetation and wild life
  6. Population
  7. Food security in India
  8. People As Resource
  9. Poverty as a challenge
  10. The story of village







  1. Nazism and the rise of Hitler
  2. Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution
  3. The French revolution
  4. Forest Society and Colonialism Pastoralists in the Modern World
  5. Peasants and Farmers
  6. History and sport.
  7. The story of Cricket
  8. Clothing. A Social History


  1. Democracy in the contemporary World
  2. What is democracy? Why Democracy?
  3. Constitutional design
  4. Electoral politics
  5. Working of institutions
  6. Democratic rights
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