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Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Class 6 Social Studies
Product Code: VI Class Social Science
Primarily, the Genee K12 content has been tailored for the educational needs of each and every student f the country. Despite cultural, linguistic, and learning diversity that is present in the

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Social Studies Class VI

Class 6 Social Science

"Be Aware."

The studying of social sciences brings awareness among the children about the issues related to their own person, surroundings/locality, country and the world. A deep understanding of civic issues is mandatory to raise a socially alert, liberal and progressive generation. Genee's specially crafted K12 social science content for class VI is structured on the rigorous norms of NCERT and is therefore the perfect choice for a streamlined national level CBSE syllabus.

"Learn Your Civic Duties."

Enriched with the tri components of History, Civics and Geography, Genee's Social studies education material pack comes replete with amazing audio-visual support, animations, slides and a huge question bank that effectively tests the students and asses their progress instantly. The children are apprised about their civic duties, updated about rural and urban administration, Panchayati Raj and the government in India.

Social Studies Class VI
Social Studies Class VI

In history, Genee's age appropriate study pack includes information on the earliest civilizations in the world. Children learn via interactive presentations about the kings and their kingdoms in our country. Not only this, the syllabus of geography is also very informative as students learn about the motions, major domains and landforms of Earth along with studying the climate, vegetation and wildlife of our country India.

Get ready to explore our lovely world with Genee's K12 content today!

Social Studies CBSE Syllabus class 6

  1. What, where, how and when?
  2. Trail of People
  3. From gathering to growing food
  4. In the earliest cities
  5. What books and burials tell us
  6. Kingdoms, kings and an early Republic
  7. New questions and ideas
  8. Ashoka, the emperor who gave up war
  9. Vital villages, thriving towns
  10. Traders, kings and pilgrims
  11. New empires and kingdoms
  12. Buildings, paintings and books
  1. Diversity in India
  2. Government
  3. Panchayati Raj
  4. Rural & Urban Administration
  5. Rural & Urban Livelihoods
  1. Earth in the Solar System
  2. Globe
  3. Motions of the Earth
  4. Maps
  5. Major Domains of the Earth
  6. Major Landforms of the Earth
  7. Our Country –India
  8. India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife
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