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Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Class 5 Hindi
Product Code: CBSE Class V Hindi
Taking into account the importance of healthy development, the Genee curriculum has been created to promote easy and stress-free learning environment. Object oriented approach for faster learning,

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Hindi Class V

CBSE Class 5 Hindi Grammar

"Perfect Literature and Grammar Study Pack."

With every step your child takes, Genee's syllabus for class 5 Hindi is designed in such a way that it complements your child's very step. Genee aims to cement the knowledge acquired in previous classes while providing new information at the next level. Blending these two activities, class 5 Hindi curriculum includes the choicest selection of lessons and exercises on tenses, idioms, phrases, one word substitution, relationships, prefixes and suffixes, synonyms and antonyms, number, gender and correct grammatical order, structure and construction of a sentence.

"Avail test series and question banks."

Genee holds tremendous advantage over any other Hindi learning content package. Our specially developed exercises have effective strategies for learning new spellings and correcting misspelled words. Our content enhances reading abilities as we have additional audio/video and animations support.

Hindi Class V
Hindi Class V

"Learn to write impressively in Hindi."

Students are taught to read and write, analyze and compare the structures of different stories, explore unfamiliar words and display their comprehension through use, use word meanings bank to extend vocabulary and enrich writing and better their confidence in using Hindi Language.

CBSE Syllabus Hindi Grammar Class 5

  1. संज्ञा के प्रकार
  2. लिंग
  3. वचन
  4. काल
  5. कारक
  6. उपसर्ग और प्रत्यय
  7. वर्ण-विचार
  8. शब्द-विचार
  9. मुहावरे
  10. विपरीतार्थक/विलोम शब्द
  11. वाक्य रचना
  12. वाक्य में शब्दों को क्रमपूर्वक लिखना
  13. अशुद्ध वाक्य/शब्द
  14. अनेक शब्दों के बदले एक शब्द
  15. रिक्त स्थानों की उचित शब्दों द्वारा पूर्ति
  16. रंगों के नाम
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