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Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Class 5 Environmental Studies
Product Code: Environmental Science
Genee has been awarded the prestigious BETT award for lending invaluable ICT and AV development services in the educational sector. To complement our exceptionally designed and highly demanded

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Environmental Studies Class V

Class 5 Environmental Studies

"Explore problems faced by our Planet."

Specially crafted to make young students aware about their environment, the syllabus of Genee's K12 content for EVS is based on NCERT guidelines. The purpose of the Environmental CBSE Study pack is to encourage knowledge about yourself and your surroundings. EVS requires collaborative studies because the nature of the problems is such that not an individual but the whole collective group is responsible for the damaging action.

"Enjoy a vast range of EVS topics."

The curriculum is definitely vast and is all inclusive of lessons on The Five Senses, Experiments with water, Taste, Food spoilage, Seeds, Water Sources, Forests, Mosquito bite, Mountain Climbing, Monuments, Space, Source of energy, Shelter, Natural Disasters, Human Digestive System, Types of Work, Sports and Farming.

Environmental Studies Class V
Environmental Studies Class V

"Experience an enhanced learning ambience."

Genee's K12 EVS content for CBSE class 5 is very interactive. The teachers can teach, assess and evaluate the students via Genee's ICT solutions in terms of powerboards and student response systems. This makes teaching serious topics quite easy and allows a teacher more room for movement. Our products also help students to improve their interpersonal skills and become proactive with respect to saving the environment.

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Genee provides warranty from 2 to 5 years on its various ICT products to safeguard your investment.

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