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Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Class 12 History
Product Code: CBSE Class XII History
Genee K-12 Content for CBSE Class XII has been specifically developed after careful research and study of all the factors conducive to the healthy growth and development of a child. Very specially,

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Class 12 History

“Discover the wealth of ancient cultures the world over!”

The Genee K12 History content for standard XII students has been designed creatively to familiarize them with the story of earliest cities and civilizations of the world, to educate them about India’s political and economic history, about the great empires and emperors who ruled India in its days of glorious past coupled with Social History wherein social issues of India like caste system, class, kinship and gender are addressed. Needless to say, one look at our syllabus and you shall know that it is extensive and elucidates India through the ages till its partition very effectively.

“Solidify what you learn by map work and a whole lot of other exercises.”

The syllabus is comprehensive and tests the students very effectively. Genee’s K12 History content for class XII is also very interactive and adds the element of drama with its top of the line audio and video clips, animations support and exercises testing students on their objective and subjective answering skills. The Genee K12 content facilitates the teachers as they can teach, assess and evaluate the students via Genee’s ICT solutions in terms of smart whiteboards and student response systems.

Class 12 History

“Learn from India’s Economic and Political History, and BE THE CHANGE.”

This makes teaching serious topics quite easy and allows a teacher more room for movement. Bring home Genee’s smart K12 History content and witness the tremendous growth of your child’s personality, knowledge, interest in studies and grades!

History Class 12 CBSE Syllabus




  1. The Story of the First Cities: Harappan Archaeology.
  2. Political and Economic History: How Inscriptions tell a story.
  3. Social Histories: Using the Mahabharata
  4. A History of Buddhism: Sanchi Stupa
  1. Agrarian Relations: The Ain-i- Akbari
  2. The Mughal Court: Reconstructing Histories through Chronicles
  3. New Architecture: Hampi
  4. Religious Histories: The Bhakti-Sufi tradition
  5. Medieval Society Through Travellers’ Account
  1. Colonialism and-Rural Society: Evidence from Official Reports
  2. Representations of 1857
  3. Colonialism and Indian Towns: Town Plans and Municipal Reports
  4. Mahatma Gandhi through Contemporary Eyes
  5. Partition through Oral Sources
  6. The Making of the Constitution
  7. Map Work on Units 1-15
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