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Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Class 11 Political Science
Product Code: Political Science
Primarily, the Genee K12 content has been tailored for the educational needs of each and every student of the country. Despite cultural, linguistic, and learning diversity that is present in the

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Class XI Political Science

“Learn how the Indian Constitution works.”

Genee’s K12 Political Science content for class XI is a wholesome diet for the senior secondary education needs of your child. Not only beneficial for the students, even the teachers can utilize the customized content based on NCERT guidelines and standards. The teachers can now teach, assess and evaluate the students via Genee's ICT solutions in terms of powerboards and student response systems. This makes teaching serious topics quite easy and allows a teacher more room for movement.

“Understand the working of the political domain via everyday real life examples.”

Also, the educators won't have to spend time making presentations or draw charts because hey! We have it all. Our products also help students to learn and understand difficult concepts with ease because the Genee K12 Content provides you with complete interactive animations support, audio/video clips and a massive question bank which do the formative and summative assessment of the students.

Class XI Political Science

“Analyze how the various provisions in our Indian constitution have impacted the real political life from Genee’s interactive content.”

The XI standard K12 syllabus is enriched with topics that make students reflect and understand in detail the working of the Indian constitution and political theory with emphasis on the rights and duties of every Indian citizen. The curriculum aims to enable the students to understand historical processes and circumstances in which the Constitution was drafted, to identify the key features and analyze the ways in which the provisions of the Constitution have worked in real political life. Also, Genee K12 Political Science content for XI grade seeks to encourage the students to analyze any prejudices and bias which the students may have with respect to the rights of liberty, social justice and equality etc.

Political Science Class 11 CBSE Syllabus

Indian Constitution at Work

Political Theory

  1. Constitution: Why and How?
  2. Rights in the Indian Constitution
  3. Election and Representation
  4. Executive
  5. Legislature
  6. Judiciary
  7. Federalism
  8. Local Governments
  9. Constitution as a living Document
  10. The philosophy of the Constitution
  1. Political theory: An Introduction
  2. Freedom
  3. Equality
  4. Social Justice
  5. Rights
  6. Citizenship
  7. Nationalism
  8. Secularism
  9. Peace
  10. Development
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