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Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Class 11 Geography
Product Code: CBSE Class XI Geography
A highly interactive content based on the rigorous norms of National council of Education Research and Training (NCERT), Genee’s K12 content for class XI Geography is the perfect learning solution

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Class XI Geography

“Explore world geography with Genee’s interactive content.”

Genee Technologies is playing a vital role in bringing across to the students the importance of Geography education by its vast array of presentations and lessons based on CBSE guidelines.

“Travel the land of India and learn about its rich and varied Physiography and Vegetation.”

The advantage that Genee holds over any other Geography content is that it is of international standards with the latest facts and figures, the content is revised and is in keeping with the recent problems being faced by our environment and is filled with interactive audio/visual support providing an enjoyable learning experience.

Class XI Geography

“Map work, exercises, and a whole lot of practical activities to build interest in Geography.”

Divided into three parts, the syllabus of Geography includes extensive information on the fundamentals of Geography, India's Physical Environment and the practical work in Geography. Topics such as the origin and evolution of the Earth, composition of atmosphere, atmospheric circulation, solar radiation and heat balance, distribution of oceans and continents, world climate and biodiversity are delved in detail. The students are instructed in the various aspects of India's physical environment like its soils, vegetation, climate, drainage system and natural hazards. Also, a plethora of questions test the knowledge of students in practical geography work where they are supposed to know about Map projections, Remote sensing, Topological Maps, weather instruments and much more.

Geography Class 11 CBSE Syllabus

Fundamental of Physical Geography

India Physical Environment

Practical Work in Geography

  1. Geography as a discipline
  2. The origin and evolution of the earth
  3. Interior of the earth
  4. Distribution of oceans and continents
  5. Minerals and rocks
  6. Geomorphic processes
  7. Landforms and their evolution
  8. Composition and structure of atmosphere
  9. Solar radiation, heat balance and temperature
  10. Atmospheric circulation and weather systems
  11. Water in the atmosphere
  12. World climate and climate change
  13. Water (oceans)
  14. Movements of ocean water
  15. Life on the earth
  16. Biodiversity and conservation
  1. India -location
  2. Structure and Physiography
  3. Drainage system
  4. Climate
  5. Natural vegetation
  6. Soils
  7. Natural hazards and disasters
  1. Introduction to Maps
  2. Map Scale
  3. Latitude, Longitude and Time
  4. Map Projections
  5. Topographical Maps
  6. Introduction to Aerial Photographs
  7. Introduction to Remote Sensing
  8. Weather Instruments, Maps and Charts
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