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Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Class 10 Social Studies
Product Code: Class X Social Science
Social Science is taught with the sole aim of fostering among the people a sense of civic competence. Students of today are going to become the leaders of tomorrow, leading India to growth and

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Social Studies Class X

Class 10 Social Science

"Comprehensive CBSE syllabus with Periodic assessments."

The studying of social sciences instills in the students awareness about the issues related to their own person, surroundings/locality, country and the world. A deep understanding of civic issues is mandatory to raise a socially alert, liberal and progressive generation. Genee's specially crafted K12 social science content for class X is based on the stringent guidelines of CBSE and is therefore the perfect choice for a streamlined national level syllabus.

“Explore National and Global issues.”

As far as the syllabus is concerned, it is definitely extensive and covers a wide area of topics both of national and international concern. The social Science curriculum includes five main divisions which are: India and the contemporary world, contemporary India, Understanding Indian economy, Disaster Management and Political Science. These five segments sensitize the students about world changing processes like nationalism, globalization, industrialization and print media and culture.

Social Studies Class X
Social Studies Class X

“Test your knowledge via Genee’s extensive question bank.”

Explored in detail, after going through them, a student would learn how these movements are and have been affecting our country and the word in general. Children are also instructed in subjects such as resource development (management of industries, forests, minerals, water and food)

Indian Economy and the factors which affect it are studied. Political science is also a major component of social science for class X along with disaster management studies which is very practical and informative. Not only this, the specialty of Genee's K12 content is that it is highly interactive and makes the whole learning experience a joyride because our content is equipped with awesome audio and video clips, animations and lots of exercises with subjective and objective questions.

Social Studies CBSE Syllabus Class 10

India and the Contemporary World II

Contemporary India II

  1. Rise of Nationalism in Europe
  2. Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
  3. Nationalism in India
  4. The Making of a Global World
  5. The Age of Industrialization
  6. Work, Life and Leisure
  7. Print, Culture and Modern World
  8. Novels, Society and History


  1. Resources and Development
  2. Forest and Wild Life Resources
  3. Water Resources
  4. Agriculture
  5. Minerals and Energy Resources
  6. Manufacturing Industries
  7. Life Lines of National Economy





  1. Development
  2. Sectors of the Indian Economy
  3. Money and Credit
  4. Globalization and the Indian Economy
  5. Consumer Rights


  1. Tsunami: The Killer Sea Wave
  2. Survival skills
  3. Alternative Communication System during Disasters
  4. Safe Construction Practices
  5. Sharing Responsibility


  1. Power Sharing
  2. Federalism
  3. Democracy and Diversity
  4. Gender, Religion and Caste
  5. Popular Struggle and Movements
  6. Political Parties
  7. Outcomes of Democracy
  8. Challenges to Democracy


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