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Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Class 10 English
Product Code: CBSE Class X English
Developed with a view to encourage easy and stress-free learning environment, you can now bring alive old and dull boring sessions with Genee’s Interactive classroom experience replete with audio

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English Class X

Class 10 English Grammar

"Interactive English Content for a Smart NextGen."

With a CBSE based syllabus, Genee K12 Content for class X English has been developed taking into account all the factors which promote the development of reading, writing, speaking, listening and comprehension skills. High school is fundamental in determining and bringing to the fore the real aptitude of a student. Thus, its syllabus is extensive and Genee K12 content is the perfect choice for class X interactive study material.

“Enjoy a rich varied poem collection and anthology of short stories.”

The K12 syllabus instills and fosters knowledge of articles, parts of speech, modals, tenses, clauses, conditionals, connectors, non finite verbs, direct and reported speech with keen emphasis on correct grammatical sentence sequence and structure. Grammar knowledge is not enough. Its application holds the real value. The students are thus tested via Sentence completion exercises, fill in the blanks, worksheets on idiomatic phrases, word formation exercises along with interactive classroom activity all serve to hone a high school student's English language skills.

English Class X
English Class X

“Empower your language with an impressive grammar and vocabulary knowledge.”

The Genee K12 Content for class X English garners the twin aspects of language teaching and learning process, i.e. the correct grammatical structure coupled with elegant expression. The reading list is extensive and includes comprehension exercises, composition writing questions based on visual and verbal stimulus like making a brochure, pamphlet, itinerary or poster and writing a debate, article, letter or speech etc; short writing exercises include drafting messages, notices, telegrams and writing postcards. Simultaneous development of vocabulary with numerous exercises on word meanings, homophones, sentence completion, fill ups, punctuation and spellings along with interactive classroom activity enhances communication skills.

English Grammar CBSE Syllabus Class 10

Section A - Reading

Unseen Passage/ Comprehension

Section B – Writing



  1. 1.      Compositions based on Visual Stimulus


  1. Brochure
  2. Itinerary
  3. Pamphlet
  4. Poster


  1. 2.      Compositions based on Verbal Stimulus


  1. Letter
  2. Report
  3. Article
  4. Speech
  5. Debate


  1. 3.      Short Compositions Notice
  1. Telegram
  2. Message
  3. Short Postcard


Section C - Grammar

  1. Present Continuous Tense
  2. Present Perfect Tense
  3. Present Perfect VS Simple Past
  4. Simple Past VS Past Perfect
  5. Future time reference
  6. Active and Passive
  7. Avoiding Repetition
  8. Comparisons
  9. Subject Verb Agreement
  10. Conditionals
  11. Connectors
  12. Modals-Expressing Attitude
  13. Nominalisation
  14. Non-Finites
  15. Prepositions
  16. Relatives
  17. Reported Speech


Section D - Integrated grammar


  1. Using Notes
  2. Using given dialogue
  3. Using Headlines
  4. Using Instructions
  5. Detecting And Correcting Errors
  6. Rearranging Jumbled Words or Phrases
  7. Filling Blanks With Suitable Words
  8. Dialogue Completion
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