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Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Class 1 English
Product Code: CBSE Class I English
Object oriented approach for faster learning, interactive classroom ambience, audio visual aids to support better learning and CBSE based syllabus, Genee K12 Content for CBSE class 1 English is the

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Genee Vision 150 - Visualiser | Document Camera

CBSE Class 1 English

"Object Oriented Approach"

The Genee K12 Content for CBSE class 1 English has been especially designed with an object oriented approach for your little ones. Children when they grow start learning things via association. They relate sounds with objects and over a period of time come to learn the language terms. This natural approach has been highly recommended by child psychologists and specialists the world over.

"Healthy and Stress Free Learning."

The English K12 Content for class 1 by Genee India boasts of picture association and word relation exercises where children are taught to connect and relate words/spellings with colourful and attractive images for permanent information retention. The syllabus is very basic based on the norms of NCERT. Keeping in mind the importance of healthy development, the Genee curriculum has been created to promote easy and stress-free learning environment.

Genee Vision 150 - Visualiser | Document Camera
Genee Vision 150 - Visualiser | Document Camera

"Enjoy Simple English Exercises"

The CBSE study material for class 1 English includes alphabets in lower and uppercase, picture and word/spelling association, vowel exercises, vocabulary development and many more word related problems.

CBSE Sullabus Class 1 English

1. Picture Dictionary
2. Read and write A to Z Uppercase
3. Read and write a to z Lowercase
4. Uppercase and Lowercase letters
5. Using Alphabets
6. Match the word with the picture
7. Vowels
8. Missing Letters
9. Jumbled Letters
10. Opposite Words
11. Spelling Error
12. Colours' Name
13. Pick the odd one out
14. Words in a sentence
15. Person is called

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Genee provides warranty from 2 to 5 years on its various ICT products to safeguard your investment.

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