Leaders in Learning Technology
Leaders in Learning Technology
Over the years Genee world has established itself as a credible organization that is growing at a remarkable pace.  We provide an open, warm and conducive work environment for professional growth and excellence. We are striving hard to build life-long relationships with our employees, customers and business partners. Genee, nurtures talent & overall skill development of the employees. The organisation encourages a transparent work culture with a competitive salary and a comprehensive range of benefits.

Genee India is looking forward for the bright and enthusiastic individuals to support its continued success.

Our Work Ethos
  • Recruit best out of the talent pool.
  • Provide excellent professional and personal growth opportunities.
  • Develop an environment of mutual trust & respect.
  • Empowering employees with adequate resources.
  • Recognition and appreciation of innovative efforts and accomplishments.
  • Facilitate fun at work place concept to enhance employee’s productivity.
  • Treat all employees uniformly with dignity.
  • Creating an environment where teamwork and team goals are encouraged.
  • Creating an open forum to address employee grievances.
Working at Genee Technologies India

We offer an excellent comprehensive benefits package and work culture that encourages open communication, promotes positive thinking and ideas at all levels, and offers the possibility for career advancement and training for everyone.

Our Culture

Genee India recognizes that the well being of employees is paramount to achieve success. Therefore a great deal of time is devoted to ensure that there is a positive working environment and to identify training needs and rewards for hard work.

Regular team meetings are conducted for all employees to share their views and suggestions. Everyone gets an opportunity to voice their thoughts.


Genee India offers all the benefits and advantages you would accept from a world class employer.


We believe that our success depends on a qualified group of employees and Managers. Therefore we put great emphasis on training, continuous learning and development. For us training is an investment – not a cost.

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