Experience Education at your fingertips with Genee’s Interactive Touch Screen Whiteboards

Educators, presenters, students and demonstrators all over the world have realized and praised the difference that interactive whiteboards bring in a classroom. These smart interactive screens have succeeded in making classrooms a platform of entertainment where students love to partake in various fun activities while learning some crucial concepts of education.

smart classrooms

smart classrooms

Many of you must be wondering over the facts like how does interactive screen work. What are its uses? Do we need to undergo some special technical training to use them? And the list never ends. To put smile on the faces of the puzzled readers, I would like to say that interactive whiteboard is one of the most user-friendly equipment today. You do not need to take any special technical knowledge to run them as only few general instructions can prepare you to work on it efficiently.

When you work on a computer system you use the mouse to navigate the cursor to perform action. Interactive screens are just the same. It is basically a giant mouse that lets the users take charge of the computer system which stay connected to it. Whatever function you perform on your computer or laptop, this interactive screen displays the same images for the spectators. Hence students do not need to shove each other to get the perfect glimpse of the screen as they relish the benefits of a large interactive screen exhibiting clear images and brighter text.

Slowly and successfully interactive screens are putting a great impact on the education sector. The students get to experience a whole new world of learning as these latest tools empower the teachers to contrive activities with various learning styles. This helps in building the participation of the students and keeps them hooked in all the classroom sessions.

Genee-Touch_LGenee Technologies offers three types of affordable interactive screen display whiteboards available in many sizes suit to your classrooms/boardrooms and presentation area-

  • GENEE PowerBoard
  • GENEE Prodigital +
  • GENEE Sense
  • Genee Touch

Apart from this, interactive screens help the teachers in accessing instant feedbacks from the students by the means of voting tools and modified games. Moreover, the incredible range of software imbedded in the digital boards let the teachers manipulate all the activities as per the needs and caliber of the pupils.

Making these brilliant and ultra modern interactive screens can be extremely fruitful decision for your classroom where you may see more exited faces and wide eyes keen to learn something new every day.