The Future of education

The course that the future of education will take is highly dependent on the current technological trends in the world. And technology is just one very important aspect of the whole educational realm. The imparting of education to a lot of extent rests on the attitude to the teaching and learning activities and ideology of the people, the connectivity between them, their prosperity level, the speed of communication, the local and global culture, and of course the easy access to facilities such as transport and study materials like stationery and books etc.

Future of EducationEducation is a process that continues to evolve even as we evolve. The constant change in our thought process, our personality and even the politics of the nation or state play a vital role in shaping Education and all of its related activities. With so many factors influencing this process that is the source of all knowledge, it becomes very difficult to judge which element is perhaps the most dominant of all. In the case of education however, determining the most vital factor isn’t that difficult. To find it out, all you have to do is take a look around.

Alright, so now that you have taken that look, what did you see?

An obvious answer to this question would be people, buildings and different public transportation means (in case you’re out on the road). Now, observe these people a little carefully. Hardly will you find a soul without a mobile phone, rather a smart phone; a few heads would be bobbing up and down with head phones or ear phones plugged in to their smart phones, and just in case these people are not holding a phone in their hands, then it shall be some other form of gadget linking them up with their nearest and dearest ones, with their professional colleagues and the world at last. And this is just the smallest example here.

Technology and only technology today has so immensely comforted our lives by connecting us to the whole world in the most efficacious manner possible. It has efficiently reduced all the time that could have been wasted one way or another and that is why we can confidently say that the inclusion of technology into the educational domain has been the best step ever taken to greatly improve not only the quality of premium education but also the way of imparting it.

Unlike the yesteryears, the knowledge bank is at our fingertips. So easily we can access information today that it is nothing short of a miracle. The web is the greatest source of knowledge to mankind. However, when it comes to teaching, the presentation of the lecture to students holds equal importance as the content of the lecture itself. The future of education lies in smart thinking and presentation of data in such a manner that it evokes interest, aids retention of information and lessons learnt in class. That is why, the use of visualisers, interactive whiteboards, tablets, remote controlling slates, audience response systems or polling systems, interactive projectors and LCDs in the field of education have streamlined and made the process smoother and much better. The future of education now solely relies on the amount of progress we do in terms of scientific inventions and how much are we giving to research and development.