The emancipation of the Teacher

The whole process of education entails interaction between two parties i.e., the teacher and the student along with feedback from both to improvise their existing skill set. The teachers and the teaching methodology of the old ages have periodically gone through a revision. There was a time when the teacher would sit outside to take a class probably in the community room or the village ground. Surrounded by nothing but nature or in the premises of a temple (as the Greeks would often do) education was imparted to a select few. These select few mostly comprised the elite aristocrat children or the progeny of kings. Even if the teacher would wish for the spread of education there were only few who could afford it. Time kept on passing by and societal reforms continued to make their way. When the printing press was invented, education progressed by leaps and bounds. This is undoubtedly the best thing that ever happened. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that the printing press is the reason that education today is a global phenomenon. This was however just the first step.

Teaching Technologies

Now let’s take a look at how science and technology have completely revolutionized the world of education in a way like never before.

  • Audio Visual Aids
    When computers made way into the everyday life of the common folk, it was immediately realized how useful would their application be in the teaching arena. Today computers, visualisers, printers, scanners, copiers, speakers, microphones, TVs, and LCDs etc all help tremendously to teach concepts and ideas effectively.
  • Response Systems
    Nothing is more tedious for a teacher than a bundle of answer sheets to grade or a huge stack of notebooks to check. Then comes the part where they have to compile a list of students based on their performance. A really taxing task! However with the advent of the student or audience response systems, even this became a simple task with the gadget taking a couple of seconds to correct answers and compile grade lists in a variety of format.
  • Interactive Whiteboards
    An interactive whiteboard lets you write or draw anything on it and annotate live. These big touch screen boards save content you can retrieve for future use unlike the old blackboards where a slate rubbed once would forever be gone.
  • Interactive educational content and software
    When you have the advantage of interactive software packages which seek to inform and educate you at the same time hold your interest, there couldn’t be any better combination to give a solid foundation to your knowledge base. Clarity in concepts coupled with practice worksheets all serve to render comprehension brilliant.
  •  Internet: The Bonding Factor and Online Tutorials
    Internet has taken education impartation to the next level by altogether eliminating the need to be physically present at a particular place or spot to be benefitted by knowledge and information. The removal of geographical barriers has truly made education a global affair. Students can now learn from the most renowned of teachers, professors and professionals virtually free of cost. The fact that one can access any book (read or buy online), data or piece of information, news, and research online to his heart’s content speaks volumes about the multi benefits of internet.