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Bringing Highly Interactive, Animated And Easy To Understand K12 Content for your Child

Studying was never so much fun before the introduction of Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. K12 content. In order to make little angels learn quicker in early days of their life we have come up with an amazing learning process with the help of our highly interactive, animated and easy to understand K12 content. K-12 Content comprises of a range of study material including detailed chapters on every subject like Math, English, Hindi, Environmental studies, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Political Science & Geography for CBSE Class 1 to 12.

Educational SoftwareK12 content is an amazing mode of learning that entertains the students while educating them the most important chapters. Completely based on NCERT and CBSE Syllabus, Genee K-12 content has been designed with proper planning to matchup international standards of education. Our main focus lies on making the course material highly interactive and appealing in order to grasp the attention of the students. From multiple mathematics practice questions to interesting English and Hindi problems, Genee K-12 content comprises of chapters on all the subjects and matters.

Some of the software that we cover under Genee K12 content are:

  • Genee Gold Content Class XII
  • Genee Gel
  • Clicker 6 India
  • Geneemation
  • Early Years On Board
  • Genee Toolbar
  • Genee Explorer
  • Primary On Board Content

Genee K12 Content comes with a variety of features which make it even more holding to the students as well as to the students. We have a team of highly trained professional authors, teachers and writers who works together to make each chapter of this content a highly knowledgeable and easy to understand. Features that have made K-12 Content highly popular among various esteemed schools are:

Contains Images and Animations: K12 Content has been embedded with a number of attractive images and vibrant animations that give a fresh face to every chapter. It enriches the knowledge of the students and takes them high on the ladder of success.

Use of Interactive Whiteboard: K12 Content is compatible with interactive whiteboards which are highly interactive and appealing in nature.

Based on CBSE/NCERT Syllabus: All the chapters of K12 content are wholly based upon CBSE/NCERT Syllabus which makes it more appropriate for schools. Many prestigious schools today have shown interest in using K-12 Content and have come up with desired outcomes – more interested students, better results and a healthy and interactive studying ambience.

Cover All The Subjects: The content covers all the subjects including Hindi.

Genee K12 Content: Comprehensive, Animated and Interactive Study Package

Educational SoftwareGenee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is one stop destination for great CBSE content that can create an interactive and appealing learning environment for the students. We offer multimedia based content which include multiple pictures, fantastic animations and bright text. Genee has a highly professional team of trained teachers, animators, and writers who work together to develop completely knowledgeable yet interesting content. CBSE content involves all the subjects ranging from Math, English, Hindi, Environmental studies, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Political Science & Geography. Thus anyone can take the advantage of our interactive CBSE content to give new dimension to classroom.

Still wondering why our CBSE content is different from traditional studying style? Well the reasons are many…

Vibrant Images and Interesting Animations: Just as some action animated movies our CBSE content are replete with beautiful images and animations which appeal to students of all age groups. Moreover, studying with the help of pictures helps the students in learning the concepts easily so that they will grasp all the necessary knowledge without much effort.

Interactive Whiteboard: CBSE content is compatible with interactive whiteboards which targets a large audience and gives every individual a better view of the screen.

Completely CBSE Based: We make sure that all our chapters, problems and solutions included in CBSE content are wholly based on CBSE standards.

Content on All Subjects: The best part of Genee CBSE content is that you may find course material on all the subjects including Hindi.

All Kinds of Questions: From fill ups to matching problems and from small calculations to more crucial sums, Genee CBSE content comprises of all sorts of questions to test the caliber and knowledge of the students.

genee educational softwareWe at Genee believe in making a difference and have already proved our worth in the market. Our clients include highly renowned schools and universities which want to step ahead in times to get excellent results in minimum possible time. Some of the software that we cover under Genee K-12 content are:

  • Pre-Primary On Board
  • Primary
  • Upper Primary
  • Secondary
  • Sr. Secondary
  • Geneemation
  • Prim-Ed
  • Genee Gold

Join hands with Genee Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. and make your learning experience a memorable one. Learn while having fun is our key motto that we wish to pass to our customers. Children are the future of the world. So let’s make an effort to make them smart and highly skilled with Genne CBSE content.